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  1. It's an overreaction, just like camp timers was an overreaction. If a change makes the game more fun then it should be made, and I believe that camp timers make the game more fun because timing respawns in your head is tedious.

  2. I play 1000 games every season in plat and have never seen anyone say “x is warded until y”. And teammates will only vision ping when I’m already close enough to where it already sees me. Ward timers are absolutely a knowledge gap closer and I feel like it’s unnecessary.

  3. What a player. Being fed by this machine of a city team he's going to have a very proflic season at this rate, what's the record scoring amount for a player in their debut season for a club?

  4. Forget debut season. If he even continues at 0.8 goals per game (he is currently at 1.75 lol) he’ll have the greatest premier league season ever.

  5. ROA and Spear of Shojin are back !

  6. This Shojin isn't going to be quite like the old one though. It won't have that "reset" feeling that made shit like Jax E and Yi Q so horrid to face.

  7. I assume it's halved effect on Riven's Q and W. This seems like it's designed for Ezreal.

  8. Didnt even think about Ezreal lol. He won’t get it til 4th realistically though.

  9. This only makes E like half a second lower cooldown than FH before anyone does the math.

  10. The smartest thing the club can do is get in another midfielder who can play at 6, with a skillset that will suit whatever arteta needs from his 6. Partey fit or partey unavailable, we already needed a more capable player than elneney, thankfully, edu will have more than ample time to sort it out.

  11. We should get Thuram-Ulie he’s a Partey carbon copy.

  12. I don't think so. Hypothetically, you can sign a top class CB for €100m. But on the wing that kind of money only gets you a Sancho or an Antony.

  13. I think more about the opportunities for replacements than the money. There are always up and coming wingers with ceilings similar to Saka's and Martinelli's. Sancho or Antony have the technical skills to be as good as those two, and there's guys like De Kete, Kvarat, Gakpo and Mudryk all the time in football. We're lucky to have the wingers we do, and that both grew up through Arsenal, but if we ever were to get big fees from them I think they're replaceable on paper. There's been very few centerbacks in the last decade with as big of a ceiling as Saliba has. The opportunity cost of losing him could be irreplicable for a long time.

  14. I think the gap between CB's like VVD or Dias and just "good" CB's like Matip, current T.Silva, Romero is bigger than the gap between like Son, Salah, Foden and wingers like Zaha, Martinelli, Diaz etc.

  15. What mic arm is that :o I got an amazon essentials one and its terrible

  16. That male armor looks like Malzahar from LoL without a hood.

  17. And sends adult europeans to analyze Colombian children 17 or younger.

  18. Not surprisingly, most of the people elected in 1980 are dead. Pat Leahy and Chuck Grassley are the only ones left.

  19. Most workplaces when hiring now just kind of go: 15 years of experience candidate > 10 years experience candidate without factoring any other variables. I think voters tend to do that more and more these days.

  20. For his football before the knee explosions though

  21. Lack of longevity at the pre injury levels will always keep him below that level. We were so lucky to have Messi and Ronaldo be as injury free as they were. Imagine those 2014 injuries Messi had kept coming up and he never returned to the levels he was at with MSN

  22. He had like 2 years off at some point. He gets this injury way back in time and he probably doesn't play football again.

  23. If he gets it today he probably has a much better career too. Players recover from ACL’s and broken legs within a season now its crazy.

  24. Oh... they actually ment 1998. I thought they meant literally, 98.

  25. Feel like this is terrible timing. He’s not a starter, but 9 games in Oct and World Cup is surely gonna land us some injuries in attack. I doubt Nelli Jesus and Saka will be fit for every game. We’re gonna need a full squad. This could be a big blow

  26. My game didn't create a path like this. I just have the game path in steamapps/common. I have other compatdata files just not for FM. I played the game and created a save so maybe there's something missing you have to do to create a file like this?

  27. Please just remaster this. I want to play again, specifically PvE and I want Ascalon and everywhere to be full of people again. Henchies just don't hit the same man.

  28. A 20 years from now bucket list item I have is to either rip up GW1 if it’s even possible or to remake it in a modern engine and just recreate everything. A project like that would take multiple years to do but it’s something I would love to attempt. Even if I could just do presearing.

  29. Ikr. Not even just GW merch like the pins. Stuff like these and N64/GC/PS2 boxes. Original League of Legends boxes. People always just seem to “strike gold with this buy! $20 wow!” Like how?

  30. Me, wondering how regular people in Mexico use the LAN client

  31. Yea idk what theyre talking about or how they would know that

  32. I was known in middle school as the kid who always said "Get Guild Wars"

  33. Barrage is now a preparation that just does a barrage every attack for the preparation lmao

  34. Would triple arrow then fire 18 arrows? Because that would be amazing

  35. Holy shit Splinter + Barrage + Triple shot would absolutely nuke

  36. "Mistake" is a really weird way to spell "Playing champagne football and sitting top of the league"

  37. Better finances. Better football. Better results. Better squad age profile. Fans connected with the team again.

  38. We’re just gonna skip over the fact that there’s an American on the list are we?

  39. I live in Tampa, FL, USA and at first I was like “where the fuck is there a mountain in tampa??”

  40. Why do I see so many people from Florida on random posts? Is it an algorithm/targeted thing?

  41. Well as a Floridian we don’t have anything better to do with our lives. At the moment anyways.

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