1. Oh they are, just in a more subtle way.

  2. Not really as bad. I think a good middle ground would be scaling it up based on your th level, support is bad in all sc games btw.

  3. The meta right now is VASTLY different from the one last year had, we now have actual tanks in the meta that aren't busted and are just good, throwers that aren't Grom are now actually viable now, snipers aren't the most dominating class in the game, and most important, the S tier isn't "The broken brawlers tier" anymore, it's now the "Most versatile brawlers", which is not the same, Janet isn't busted, she is just incredibly versatile.

  4. Sprout hasn’t been super good for a while now, and tick has been eh with him only working if there isn’t one of his 528 counters on the other team. Snipers have been dominant throughout the history of the game with Piper,Bea,Belle,Brock,Rico,Penny, and Colt being meta throughout the years.

  5. This one is clearly much different. You aren't copying [[Emberscale Drake]] and [[Crowd Roaster]] anymore, you can get actually good stuff.

  6. No way you're comparing destroying the games economy and and practically deleting 2v2 to a medicore ui change 💀

  7. It's called pass royale 2.0 and ix currently being used on cr players

  8. I could not recommend Marvel Snap more. Games last 3 minutes on average, new cards are unlocked quickly, upgrading cards doesn't improve stats but instead the artwork, so no unfair leveled enemies and little-to-non p2w, and updates are frequent.

  9. Marvel snap is by far the most predatory and p2w card games out there but ok

  10. Pretty much all the new cards locked for multiple months until newer better cards come out

  11. Lol I like how you said whales were going to quit even though they are adding more rewards for those who pay extra. Do you even know what a whale is? 😭

  12. Actually the $12 will have less rewards than the current $5 one

  13. Any news on April balance changes though? They’ve been hyping up the “update” but haven’t said a word about balance changes which is odd because we’re only a week off from the “update”.

  14. Magic Arena, Legends of Runetera or hearthstone. It's got all the deck building and resource management of Clash just without the weird ai and pathfinding issues of units.

  15. But, we have been asking for better challenge rewards since forever?

  16. They heavily nerfed the rewards for the free and gold tiers and the gold tier is 20% more expensive

  17. I quit when level 14 was announced. Never played another match. This popping up on front page of reddit makes me think I made the right choice

  18. Because the price to enter is also half,there are million things to complain about and you choose this?

  19. Hope this doesnt come to clash of clans

  20. That tentacle for arms really is something else. When you see this kind of shit it’s hard to defend the devs.

  21. That card came out 7 years ago,about 60% to 90% of the cards in expansions were about the same power level

  22. Even in the context of Whispers, [[Tentacles for Arms]] was a laughable Card

  23. Yeah but you had cards like that in every class and almost all of the neutrals

  24. If a plant needs to be levelled up to be good then it just isn’t good

  25. Torchwood doubles the DPS of pea plants specifically, stall plants like snow pea and sap-fling half the speed of zombies, effectively doubling the DPS and health of all plants.

  26. or like, outplay your opponent with skill…

  27. Me using the power of skill to prevent the enemy's zap from 1 shoting my king tower:

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