Sad mama dog reunites with her lost puppies. A dog mama named Cora ended up in a shelter after her owner had taken her babies away from her. Depressed, she wouldn’t move away from a corner, so The Marin Humane Society tracked down Cora’s puppies and reunited the family

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  1. People who see pets as just commodities just fucking baffle me. How can you look into an animals face and feel no connection. Just fucking empty inside.

  2. I mean, most people who buy a dog are ripping it from its mother.

  3. Still wouldn’t believe it. There’s no reason why such movements would be more signifincant than all the verbal sabre-rattling.

  4. Acting as though you are prepping a launch would probably be taken more seriously than Vladdy's constant dick waving.

  5. Me saying joe Biden should step down for having more people dead under his watch than trump from covid with vaccine availability doesn’t mean I’m anti vax. Also wanting to know where the 40+billion we sent to Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries BTW” goes isn’t pro Russia and anti Ukraine LOL

  6. Do they make you guys learn the word defenestration in orientation?

  7. Nah they teach us to not send billions of dollars to a corrupt country with no oversight in orientation

  8. That's cool man. Seems impractical though. How many of you are really involved in that type of decision?

  9. I hate that this is something that happened, but Republicans CAN be convinced to pass gun laws. Reagan proved during his time as governor of California that for republicans, racism > 2a, because as soon as African-Americans started buying guns en masse, they jumped all over it.

  10. Have you tried good faith negotiations and compromise?

  11. Most states are turning Red. Liberals have a few densely populated coastal states, but most of America is crimson red.

  12. What material? Their position is a sitting President can’t be indicted. Remember? 🤷‍♂️

  13. Pro pro tip: you can actually eat anything. I can eat my keyboard right now, and no one can stop me. It's not illegal.

  14. Red state stats about death, disease, dying, and childhood. They are the worst in everything

  15. The south would be very upset if they could read.

  16. Yeah he went from being on the country charts and selling out huge venues to touring casinos and not having anything that charted in 20 years and not being a big deal in 25 years

  17. That's because the globalists knew he would spread the truth! /s

  18. I'm a professor diagnosed with ADHD. I don't hide it from anyone. I fully understand that I might be in a different situation or that my symptoms may present differently. But it's also important to remember that it's your brain, and you should not feel shame for that.

  19. Does the fact that no one corrects them anymore make the problem worse?

  20. Yes, I believe so. Correcting and challenging them is endless though, and has become tiresome and unrewarding. They are LOST.

  21. I don't disagree. I just wonder if there was some coordinated effort to destroy these bubbles if it would be effective. They would just move to other sites (see: the_donald). I just wish there was something to do.

  22. How to say aspartame. I was in law school.

  23. For example, the bill that gave biden a button to control the prices of eggs and gas.

  24. I heard Biden personally culled millions of sick chickens.

  25. They weren’t even sick! Biden just like watching chickens die and unaffordable eggs.

  26. As he broke each chicken's neck, he laughed and said, "Sorry, Jack."

  27. You have to consider America's puritanical roots. We can say it's for health reasons, but it's originally from a belief that sexual pleasure is amoral. From my understanding, the health benefits are negligible. Why would you cut a baby's genitals and permanently disfigure them for only a marginal benefit?

  28. Isn't the story that he made a strong comment about Biden's failure?

  29. Except his own party is calling for him to resign...

  30. The people who don't matter in his party. Paul Ryan paused his RAtM album for a second to perk out of his rock.

  31. Insert Dem Candidates into the GOP.... All we have to do is lie.

  32. Always said you should run as a Maga candidate and then just be super socialist after elected. Apparently, my dumb idea is fully legal!

  33. Anyone who thinks that Trump is going to face any real consequences is just thinking wishfully.

  34. Right? He truly won everything in 2016. He's basically royalty now. My only hope is that he and DeSantis eat each other alive.

  35. I'm just waiting for the reveal that he's Andy Kaufman in disguise.

  36. My point is that people weren't laughing at him for stating that. In fact most of us were hoping for good news. Realistically, however, people were laughing at him for something else, because honestly the guy couldn't and still can't just say something without sounding like an idiot and an asshole.

  37. No, I remember the sentiment was that it was a line bullshit. To be fair, 99.9% of what he said was bs. A broken clock yadda yadda

  38. I'm glad you and your gun can live safely together in Texas!

  39. Man, I promise my brain works. Reading that title back again gave me a headache... sorry!

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