1. Yo you need to quit stalking me, i said i was sorry! I didn't mean it the way you understood it! In my defence, english isn't my first language. Im an exotic sweaty pirate roaming the seven seas,have an enourmoua ship with a very obidient crew that follow my every command with the loud crack of my whip. My dream is to settle with a rare readheaded, green-eyed woman on an island that never gets cold, raise a few children, perhaps a goat or two... Etc

  2. Sorry, i was just kidding, that way maybe id get your attention, sorry I'm just .. really fucking alone tonight, I fooled you for an interaction, I'm sorry I stole it that way.. i feel slightly better now, although you think I'm a douche. Hah sorry. You're stunning. In all ways

  3. Lol no worries, it’s much more interesting than some of the comments I get πŸ˜‚

  4. Best mom ever! Expose yourself to him and friends

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