AITA for asking my husband to join us in my sister's birthday since he was in the same restaurant?

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  • By - za19

  1. I’m team guest but this kind of post makes no sense. Without any other details for all we know $800 is a great deal.

  2. Lol. I am team guest too, but I don't think you will convince many that "$800" is a great deal for one night when nearly half of that is cleaning.

  3. It may or may not be a good deal but the cleaning fee is completely irrelevant in making that judgment.

  4. The reason many of us have to say no visitors is due to county regulations on STR's. If there are more than 4 people at my cabin, I can be fined and my permit can be in jeopardy once I reach 3 violations. So yeah, no visitors. Sorry.

  5. If there isn’t a loud party or something calling attention to the visitors how could those regulations be enforced?

  6. Easy, the extra people are trespassing. Call the police.

  7. My question is how would you know extra people are there. If my parents walk down the beach from their place to my place and come in for a drink on the balcony before we all go out to dinner, how would you know? I’m pretty sure we will avoid the long arm of the law as long as we are behaving like normal adults.

  8. Don’t worry about it. You’ll be in good company.

  9. Shelly Moore Capito’s son, Moore, is running for WV governor during the upcoming cycle.

  10. It’s unlike her to vote against a republican majority on anything so this is an interesting tidbit.

  11. As an American who moved to Canada and was amazed by tap cards, it is crazy to me how slow America has been to adopt them. I literally saw a rap video where one of the big flexes was that the man had a tap card, lmao.

  12. Mine are all capable of tap to pay but it doesn’t work with most merchants. I’ll see the symbol on their machine and wave my card around like an idiot until the cashier tells me I have to put it in the chip reader.

  13. Less formal still doesn't excuse OP coming over to get her husband to go sing happy birthday to her sister. And they were going to wait even longer if OP and her family had their way (he left before the birthday selfie).

  14. She was too pushy but I still find it strange that he didn’t excuse himself to greet her or introduce her when he realized they were at the same restaurant. To me it seems like a normal thing to do.

  15. It doesn’t have to be critical to his career. It can be a regular day with regular clients. He was working. Period. OP knows he saw her, and still interrupted & insisted he actually leave his clients to go do cake? Im amazed her family didn’t read the room also & stop her. Hereditary, I guess.

  16. Her behavior sounds passive aggressive for sure. But his insistence on ignoring her from the start was also a bad move.

  17. Okay do I have the burden of proving it's a faulty drain? Below is the exact complaint they filed with airbnb. Also, they say the entire floor was wet but it's just a small part of it. Even the pictures they submitted show that only a small part is wet.

  18. Their complaint is invalid. It’s laughable that they are laying the blame on you taking a shower (whether it’s “long” or not is irrelevant). You have zero responsibility for any water damage.

  19. This is a good lesson to ask for an estimate or minimum charge for everything. Many places have a 1-2 hour minimum these days, even if it’s a 30 second job. He really should’ve told you that but many places don’t. Around me the rule of thumb is any service call is a $250 minimum, often higher. It’s not worth their time to do it for less. This is why I DIY most things.

  20. I guess it depends where you are. Most service call fees for a plumber in my area would be less than half of that.

  21. How long ago was that? The whole industry has changed pretty drastically in the last 2-3 years. Either way, OP would t get screwed if he had asked for an estimate.

  22. Well.. it was about 3 years ago. It’s understandable if some have raised rates to some extent but I would be extremely put off by a minimum $250+ service fee for a job that takes minutes. That’s a rip off no matter how you rationalize it.

  23. Iceberg is a waste of time imo. I like a mix of greens that have some nutrients. And flavour.

  24. The kid seems to have a point. It looks like the guy was waiting instead of pulling around to the open pump.

  25. I’ve booked through vacationstogo.com (or resortvacationstogo.com) a few times for Mexico and Jamaica. Definitely legit and they have some good deals. You can search for what you want online but need to call to book which is a good thing. You will get a real human who will be your travel agent. I’ve actually used the same person for several years. It’s nice to know there is an individual you can call or email with any questions or problems.

  26. What’s the point? It’s all a bunch of gibberish.

  27. I wouldn’t call it prophetic but it is an older example of the kind of dimwitted conspiracy laden paranoia that seems to be mainstream now.

  28. I must be really stupid as I just don't understand this. Why buy DVC points for hotels on your doorstep? Can't he just book in to any of those hotels as snd when he wants like any member of the public? Or am I missing something?

  29. I haven’t watched the video but I’ve done some cursory research into DVC. It can be cost effective compared to just paying out of pocket for hotels if you plan on spending x number of days at a deluxe resort every year for y number of years. At some point you are saving money.

  30. I’d pay 20% more per day if they cap the capacity of the park by 20%.

  31. Disney will counter your offer with 25% more per day and increase capacity by 50%.

  32. I’ve had a couple of bad and awkward experiences. Now I won’t go into a restaurant less than 90 minutes before closing even if the host and manager are begging me to come in. It’s a trap! Everyone else working will hate you.

  33. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Alcohol bans greatly reduce drinking, the fact that some people break the law doesn't make the law meaningless.

  34. Drinking is good and drinking without fighting is perfect.

  35. Good, keep pumping up the prices until the lines are not insane.

  36. The parks are what they are. Keep raising prices and it’s just not worth it even with low crowds.

  37. Ya it really sucks now. I just can't believe how insane it went in just a few years. More expensive, less perks, inflation, economy etc. Yet it's busier than it's ever been before. I also would've thought the pandemic rush would've calmed by now... looks like this is the new norm and it's crazy. Where were all these people five years ago?

  38. It’s anecdotal but I find it interesting how many people I know who went to Disney for the first time ever in the past 2 years. For them the prices, level of service etc is not the “new” normal it’s just normal.

  39. I love Universal but it is much smaller than Disney. I’ve been several times in June or July. Staying onsite with express pass for a whole week you will be able to see and do everything (multiple times if you want) and still have plenty of pool and relaxation time.

  40. Staying off site soon with just one Epcot day. What is the surest way to ride? I will try for virtual queues at 7 and 1pm but if I miss out are ILLs easy to get?

  41. Reason #342 for owning a video camera: this....!

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