1. I just ordered a pile of zooz stuff from them a week ago. Shipped quickly

  2. no reason that simply moving the box itself prevents the internals of the outlet from preventing a plug to be inserted unless the outlet itself is broke internally

  3. I will remove now. Do those bolts make washer shake? Thank you for this information

  4. they prevent the drum from getting knocked around during shipping. however this also prevents it from absorbing the vibration in the dampers. all manuals will explicitely state to remove these, and usually will have stickers and such on the back pointing them out and to remove them

  5. You upload to imgur and link. Per the sidebar

  6. There's no valve there I can see. Just the flexible hose connected the the solid line.

  7. you use links to imgur or other hosts, as per the sidebar of the sub.

  8. I’m thinking that’s the problem. Too much electricity being used over the last few days between the Christmas tree being up and the heat being on

  9. christmas tree is basically a rounding error in electricity use compared to a clothes dryer or oven.

  10. as in you want to put a gas insert into it, or asking what logs go into it currently?

  11. Fridge or freezer left open

  12. I just ordered some for exactly this. Too many times I've had freezer either fully thaw out, or partially and ruined most the food.

  13. Looking at it. Would the wiring reach if you cut out a square, punched through the stud higher up and ran them direct to box there instead of going from current box and over. That'd let you get rid of that current box entirely and not have any additional junctions. If not you'd need to extend the wiring through an accessible junction box, even if it's higher up on the wall.

  14. Yeah that would be the ideal way but given that the walls are all closed up, I feel like I’d have to cut a lot of it open to have access to do the work.

  15. I mean atleast it's a garage and your installing a cabinet so it shouldn't be too terrible to cut a hole open and cover it up without much worry compared to a kitchen or living room.

  16. I wasn’t implying we replaced remote with asking Alexa or Google anything, I meant you can control things from your actual phone, or maybe at least be able to control the TV, the lights, the sound system, the blinds, and other automations all from one remote versus five more remotes to have to worry about losing.

  17. I had a phone years ago that came with an IR blaster to control TV's and such. It worked well until some update that basically bricked the function. Then they stopped putting the blaster in their phones.

  18. Sorry I just joined the group and it says I can’t post photos in this community

  19. You open yourself up to liability when you build structures intended to worsen injuries of drivers, even when crashing.

  20. agreed. go with nice decorative boulders that you enjoy the look of, the fact some drunk took off the road at 60 and smashed it instead of your livingroom is luck

  21. Tested on 24V & 100V and no power. Sounds like there's no too much to worry about.

  22. Any chance it's tubing for a distribution system for termite exterminators. Saw something like that a week or so ago in here

  23. It started with the house we bought has switches for outlets and not the ceiling fan/lights, or a switch that does both fan and light. So i ordered shelly relays and smart switches to virtually control the light in the ceiling without running new wiring. Plug need 3way switches in LR and kitchen.

  24. I just put a couple of their switches in my house to make up for the weird switch, light, and wiring layouts to be more user friendly. Was fairly easy setup and programming in HA. The only problem I was finding so far was running the switch without a load and telling it to leave it's output switched off it would throw a fit. Leaving the output switched on instead seems to have cleared that though.

  25. its the first line in the sidebar. its because people would just slap in image posts with no text to help. easier to use text then link from imgur

  26. safest option would be to remove that section of pipe and cap off the line on the remaining line underneath the house.

  27. You upload to imgur per the sidebar.

  28. as mentioned that is what actually holds the glass in on that door. I put frosted vinyl on my door like that once and when i removed the grid the glass wanted to just fall, so had to lay it down, apply the vinyl and re-place

  29. Yeah but we would get rid of the brick. Here's what the design looks like:

  30. Clear epoxy maybe? Either that or need a mason to come out and potentially remove the bricks and replace them

  31. It could be an optical illusion, but that looks like it’s cross threaded. Loosen the nut until it’s loose, continue turning left while pressing down until you hear or feel a click then begin turning to the right to tighten.

  32. im fairly certain that joint is supposed to be a compression fit on a smooth surface, not to be clamped down on a threaded surface. That would be why the leaking started.

  33. Airline pilot here. We do sim training every year in a full visuals, full motion identical mock up. This past year I was paired with a new hire FO that hadn't flown in a while and when working on V1 cuts (engine failure near rotation speed) he rolled it in.

  34. Hell just playing video games and jumping off a high area to another, even if the game has no fall damage gives me a knot in my stomach. I could imagine a full detail sim would be worse. Let alone what these guys were feeling.

  35. The top piece is a threaded nut that bites down into the plastic.

  36. You upload to imgur and link here. Per the sidebar.

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