1. Good idea. It is a buyers market. Can also require the seller to escrow funds to cover the cost if done post closing.

  2. It's definitely not a buyer's market -- home prices are still super high, despite interest rates. No - it's no 2021 - but it's a far cry from being a buyers market.

  3. You might want to consider learning wordpress, and once you're comfortable navigating it, you should check out a wysiwyg editor called elementor. Really intuitive and easy to use.

  4. The plug-in? To make WP more WYSIWYG (looks like it's $49?)

  5. Webflow can do this and it's actually really good. I think you might have to pay for the export but it's not very much.

  6. I like the look of Webflow -- if I'm not mistaken, you need a paid account to export (and those start at $14/mo, right?)

  7. When this first started, it was a great deal -- lots of options; good chance to try out a restaurant you hadn't previously visited.

  8. "which was at least twice the size of her American flag."

  9. And, of course, that it wasn't even true :/

  10. We decided it would actually be cheaper to sell/give away everything we own and buy replacement furniture when we get to the new place, but we are going from a small 300sq ft apt primarily furnished by IKEA to a house, with 6-12mo storage in between. The storage cost outweighed the replacement costs by month 3.We were able to get down to a single dresser full of sentimental knick knacks, which we will store temporarily in our in-laws basement for a year for free, and then plan to transport in our personally owned truck.

  11. 100% agreed - for me, the issue is the board game collection (which is around 2500 games) .... so that *has* to be moved. And the replacement cost would probably be in the $80-100k range; so .... yeah, that's a lot more than moving :)

  12. Is the joy of owning them worth the stress? I've got a garage full of tools and other shit that I thought I couldn't part with when I moved, and now that it's taking up space I wish I had just dealt with at the time rather than drag it all here.

  13. I do enjoy them - and, if I was moving three years from now, I'd be actively selling ... but I don't have the time to do it now ....

  14. Send me a message. I've done a ton of research .....

  15. Sent you a message - curious about what you found ........

  16. I'm also currently planning a CA to NC move for November. Can't speak to Red Rover as I've never heard of them. So far I have a quote from Cross Country Movers ($3k flat rate) and am pricing out moving pods which are varying widely in cost so far. The movers would wrap and move furniture and load all of our boxes (not pack them) on/off the truck.

  17. Those PackRat quotes are for shipping too, right?

  18. You had to buy something tho ... it's not something you can get without buying something, right?

  19. i think you only get it if you have the premium battle pass. i haven’t checked in a while but im pretty sure its one of the first things I got

  20. Depends if the tablet is android or Apple. But some solutions to both. Iptv smarters the app works on both for one. This is case where you should rely on your provider for suggestions with apps that’s what you’re paying them for, too.

  21. Is there no way to use the firestick (even with an adapter)? I figured that would be the easiest approach (but a google search shows no real answers).

  22. Not correct. You can certainly upload an EPG link. You have to do it right after you enter the m3u playlist. After you hit "Next" you are prompted to enter the url for the EPG. Works quite well, but going Premium is well worth it. Only then will you get the full feel for all this app has to offer. Best IPTV app by far.

  23. Thank you! I've never noticed that -- my previous m3u editor had the epg built into the playlist, so I didn't need to upload the epg separately.

  24. Where do you find the "Epg Viewer" software to which you refer?

  25. I have installed this on my PC - with hopes of seeing a robust EPG (videos and screenshots show the type of EPG data I'm looking for).

  26. Lmaoooo. Everyday I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs “YOU HAVE NO IQ” “0 BRAIN FUNCTION” sometimes I question it too like why download a basketball game if you have no knowledge of basketball whatsoever. It seems like most these randoms just never heard of basketball before and just got this because it was free.

  27. In fairness - this is not that dissimilar from the real NBA now (where you jack up 30 3s a game).

  28. The thought process is “if we get 3 pointers we’ll pull ahead and gain a lead.” Thing is, forcing 3 pointers will only lead to the opponent getting ahead of you. Some people don’t appreciate 2 pointers enough to them it’s all about the 3. Do you know how much I’ve been ridiculed for having a 2pt Rebecca lmao

  29. Yeah - only if you're hitting at a 33% clip. When you've got a team of all wannabe shooters - and they're missing - and Howl is grabbing evey rebound and shoving it back down ...well, suddenly, you're down by 8; and you still have no idea how to recover.

  30. You have to close the game to leave, no in game way to do it. Also if the other team gets like a 20 pt lead it gives u the option to forfeit. After a games over, it lets you report players when you go back to the ready up screen (r3 on ps4). I dont think it actually does anything to the person you report but it does put them on a blacklist for 30 days so they cant be on your team.

  31. I'll have to take a look if there's something like that on XBOX (I've never noticed it). I don't want anything truly negative to happen; I'd just prefer to avoid having them on my team, so my blood pressure doesn't hit that 200/100 level anymore! :P

  32. On Xbox you can just close the app to leave but be careful while doing it because if you do it more than three times you get banned for 24 hours which sucks so it’s better to just wait it out. Also what’s your gamer tag we should play sometime

  33. I use Sports-Reference -- that's where I started this.

  34. C’mon man, most legal IPTV subscribers aren’t hanging out in this subreddit. But I get what you’re saying, I still stand by what I said. It really depends on the jurisdiction as well, and as a business idea, there are probably better ways to make money with that skill set. .

  35. I'd actually prefer to see something like titantv just able to import the epg. They already have a great interface.

  36. what BMXTKD said...and the crew quest is broken. it breaks on the reg. we've just kinda learned to live with it at this point. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

  37. LOL -- good to know so don't go crazy looking to complete it.

  38. You use them to buy intensive notes, which you turn into intensive manuals.

  39. Is there a place that the MVP points calculation is outlined?

  40. It use to say that but all stats are 1 to 1 .

  41. For all stats? Or only the ones you were a leader in?

  42. How can you leave a game? I've been in situations when I've legit been ignored for the entire second half; and when the "ready" countdown gets to 0 and I don't move right away; I get kicked.

  43. I don't think it includes IPTV as a provider :/

  44. you do understand where the streams/feeds for iptv come from right?

  45. Yes, but it's impossible to get all the channels when selecting a cable provider, etc. :/

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