1. Fuck yea drumming is actually a good thing, because I can just get them a drum pad and/or electronic drums with headphones, I want that kid marching world class DCI by the time they turn 14

  2. I mean, I didn't know difference in sexes as a kid either but not as long as 13 years

  3. That moment when you recognize some of the users in the first screenshot

  4. "There is room in queer spaces for complicated and painful conversations" mfs when I vent about actual problems about being trans instead of "uwaaa daddy won't let me spinny in skirt (~TmT) sad gay noises" (I will immediately get hugboxed and told my venting is transphobic and indirectly hurting other trans people)

  5. Aw man, my boobs starting being anti Semitic, I regret growing them!

  6. Great of course I come across this while scrolling my phone at midnight instead of going to sleep

  7. When mettaton sings the musical bit (I think after muffet) the game title changes to "undertale the musical"

  8. Who is this fucking anime girl and why does she have the entire transgender community in a chokehold?

  9. A game about a school shooting where you try to make friends with the shooter.

  10. I can't think of a lot off the top of my head but bloo18 faking out their hit always gets me lmao

  11. Replace a wizard path with a levitation spell and it can hold up water towers

  12. How will they check if a gym bro is gay or not? How will they check if he is cis or trans?

  13. Ron DeSantis personally flies down and puts his hand down your pants to make sure you're not raping women with your biological advantage

  14. The only time I talked on that board someone reccomended I should listen to Weezer

  15. my hottest weezer take is that if rivers cummo was 20 years younger he’d be a chaser instead of a yellow fever guy, and Pinkerton would be about how he can’t get a boymoder gf instead of how he can’t get a japanese gf

  16. Wtf are you talking about I listen to dubstep, jazz and dci shows, I don't understand these normie rock words

  17. I envied girls a few times as a kid but thought doing girly stuff was fucked up and didn't know anything about lgbt until someone said a slur in 5th grade

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