1. How?it just means weevil isn't comparable to prime wb.h He has Young whitebeard's strength.to me it's sounds more like he has physical strength comparable to young whitebeard (not even prime) and even though it's commendable,prime WB wasn't just pure strength.

  2. The height thing is wrong. Zoro is 1 cm taller than Sanji. Shanks is also 1 cm taller than Mihawk

  3. I really hope Saturn is a fighter because the Luffy alliance is stacked right now. It would also hype up the Gorosei and show they aren't mere figureheads.

  4. Saturn is probably just there so he could have full control of the Seraphims because the Gorosei have higher authority than Vegapunk to control the Seraphims so if he then they will stay on the government’s side

  5. Sanji has already seen S-Snake and had no reaction beyond “so these brats are weapons?”

  6. There is a difference between seeing something on a screen and seeing it right in front of you. Mark my words. Sanji will be turn into stone by S-Snake. Oda already foreshadowed this when he turned into stone by looking at a 16 year old

  7. No way Weevil is as strong as Primebeard. Zero Chance.

  8. He is strong but the thing is bad about him is that he is super dumb. He basically only follow orders from his mom

  9. Factually wrong. Weevil does not have the gura gura no mi. That alone makes weevil not comparable to prime WB in any way. Except of course you subscribe to Kaidos statement and DFs as awhole are irrelevant in face of haki (if weevil even has acoc). Oda sure seems to treat them that way, except when he isnt. Its so vague and inconsistent. Fuck, nika and haki both ruined one piece.

  10. Bruh the story says that Weevil is as strong as prime Whitebeard. How you gonna say it’s “factually wrong” lol. He is most likely a failed clone of Whitebeard so he has the strength of Whitebeard but he doesn’t have the appearance and brains of Whitebeard

  11. I mean he’s right I was pissed when Bepo said that shit too

  12. Thankfully it’s not canon because it’s an anime only scene. Bepo was so out of character in this scene

  13. He is right though. Bepo did less than wanda. The only thing I remember him doing is almost fainting cause it was too hot

  14. I mean yeah but isn’t Bepo being mean to Franky an anime original scene? I don’t remember this from the manga

  15. Green Bull is stronger than prime Whitebeard! But Weevil is really dumb so Green Bull probably won but outsmarting him

  16. Kiku ain't even that good looking tbh

  17. I would ask her to suck my dick and then I will suck her dick

  18. again bon clays catchphrase is okama way which is a pun on the term okama which means transvestite (cross dresser)

  19. Hmmm, okay I may be misremembering a few things. Still doesn’t change that fact that Kiku is the most beautiful trans woman tho

  20. This works because it’s canon that Dio is bisexual

  21. Definitely Caesar. He looks exactly the same but has longer hair and new clothes

  22. bonney will join 1 hundred gazillion percent

  23. Sanji is going to ask Bonney to turn herself and the other girls in the crew into little girls

  24. He* . Do not confuse what you read in English with the source material and how things are done in Japan. You”ll be disappointed. Especially when translations are done. うちは日本語ができんで。

  25. I'm still completely clueless why when a yonko crew is literally there to protect you, you had to use your hidden spy to save you lmao.

  26. Oda still want to treat the StrawHats as underdogs even though they became a yonko crew

  27. Oh no, Sanji is around the seraphims now. Pedo Sanji next chapter

  28. I actually liked almost all of the arc until the lame ass conclusion

  29. Wano act 3 ruined Wano. When I say Wano is bad I don’t say Wano, I just say Wano act 3 because the arc was amazing in the beginning. But Oda dropped the ball so bad when writing Wano act 3. Some moments are the laziest writing I have seen from any manga series

  30. I think Wano act 3 had some amazing moments but yeah the later parts of the arc especially dropped the ball HARD

  31. The fucking magic mink medicine that came out of nowhere, was never mentioned before, and had no consequences so Zoro can heal up so he could fight King lol. Laziest writing in existence

  32. They lowered his attack and nerfed his stun super. He is still good though

  33. Hahahahahahahahahaha. You said Koby beating Akainu

  34. They will not figth. It will be jinbei or brooks fight Luffy busy with iimu Zoro and sanji withthe 5 stars

  35. Did you really just say Brook? Jinbe I understand because he was in Marineford but Brook? That doesn’t make sense

  36. Not true. There's a multitude of ways you could fix it in order to present it for a wider, less depraved target audience.

  37. Setsuna is not a sex slave! She is a slave that Keyaru has sex with. Not the same thing

  38. It’s an isekai? I thought Isekai is when the MC is trapped in another world (planet, timeperiod, dimension).

  39. When we have seen Whitebeard fight Roger they are just fighting with their weapons and Haki. Since Whitebeard was such a Chad he probably didn’t his fruit when fighting 1 v 1 to people he respected. He probably just used it to get rid of annoying people and when fighting opponents with a lot of people. Kaido was not a Chad so he always used his fruit to any fight (even though he said that devil fruits don’t matter and Haki is supreme lol)

  40. We still don’t know Stussy’s true intentions. She could be there to steal something from Egghead or something

  41. You should’ve replaced Luffy with the Nika fruit

  42. Jinbe only real member of the monster trio

  43. No, he is cheating with genetics. The average fishman is 10 times stronger than a human so if Jinbe was actually skilled than he would be way stronger than the original monster trio because they are all human. If Jinbe were to turn into a human he would be 10 times weaker

  44. When did this scenario occur ? Was it in the story or in your head ?

  45. He is talking about how Loro had a hard time fighting King but Sanji basically one shotted Queen

  46. One Piece. Bleach characters don’t have Haki so they can’t hurt logia users.

  47. They don't have to, they'll just insta wipe the whole planet.

  48. Logia users can breath in space. Enel is on the moon just fine

  49. One Piece fans when they see two female characters wear lipstick: “Omg one of them could be the clone of the other!”

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