1. Agree with above , the reg lusters have underwhelming lately. I use lusters daily. My FiSi orange kush cake taste was off and no punch. Grow ohio seems to be the only pods not “loosing there luster “ for me

  2. Wow 30% off BR at RISe today and Rise pulls all the BR luster pods off the shelf. Shady !

  3. Anyone know what shop had this around cle ?i bought one at botanist and wanted to go back and grab more but looks like they are out

  4. I have been in program since it start. 3rd card renewal and this is my favorite strain of flower

  5. I like this battery because it has adjustable temperature unlike the luster but there’s also a lot less pods available for it in Ohio unlike the Luster which just has so many different ones to choose from

  6. Also saw the pax had maybe a wax insert you can use ? Would be interested to hear how that is

  7. The botanical terps can be a nice change of pace for me. The BR cantaloupe and kiwi jack luster pods taste amazing smoking all day I enjoy the flavor , but as noted , the affects of botanical vs cannnibis is non negotiable. Cannnibis derived terpenes specifically live resin are much more potent and long lasting

  8. This one had a weird “electric “ or chemical taste for me. I didn’t like it. Love PB breath but this strain was odd for me

  9. 1.Galenas chocolate mint OG 2.Woodward ultrafreshies minis 3 Klutch boudino 4. Willy's Reserve Larry cake 5. Butterfly Effect triple crown 6 Klutch jealousy 7 Woodward blueberry cheesecake 8 Galenas blueberry cookies 9 Galenas cake crasher 10 Klutch ice cream cake

  10. Pretty good list. Suprised to see chocolate mint OG tops. Was t to impressed with that

  11. I’ve had every luster pod in the program. Don’t listen to the botanical snobs. The buckey relief cantaloupe crush is the best tasting cart I’ve had. Packs a punch too and their pods last way longer then Klutch. Bout to go grab 2 more and some summer pop pods. I max out my credit every month and am more then please with the new buckey relief pods.

  12. Thanks for your feedback! I went for it and placed an order for the cantelope crush hehe so we will see!

  13. Let me know how you like it. I shared it at a wedding this weekend and eveyone raved. I just grabbed 2 summer pop from BR just now it’s it’s great as well. Taste like red Fargo and has a nice heady buzz

  14. I just picked up 2 of these at my local Dispensary, they have a decent taste effects come on pretty quick, made me cough like a mf. Smooth though got mine 20% off

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