1. It's because they are terribly inconsistent. You were probably getting better bags of Blueberry Cupcake. I haven't had Cherry Pie but the BB Cupcake I got was light, airy dry nugs with no smell and no effects. When I say no effects, I mean I vaped a bowl and smoked one and still felt 100% the same at low tolerance. I totally do not doubt you've had great Blueberry Cupcake from them and trash Cherry Pie but it is literally just luck of the draw with Farkas on certain strains. Problem Child seems to be loved by all but Cherry Pie and Blueberry Cupcake just depend on luck.

  2. Agree here. I’ve had really good cherry pies and not cured prop cherry pie. My Blueberry cupcake was not cured. Packed no lunch and smelled like hay. No crystals at all.

  3. I also bought 7 cherry pies at one time because i like it so much. This was prob 18 Months ago. Not sure I would gamble that hard even tho that strain does ring the bell. The most recent batch I tried was def not as good as the first run. Haven’t had any recently however

  4. Layer cake used to be my go to, unfortunately some batch’s aren’t as good as others. Typically it tastes extremely dank, almost like flower. It seems the recent batches have been lacking…used to call grow Ohio my favorite. I’ve recently been using the buckeye relief live resin pods instead.

  5. Same here. Daily smoker over 20 years. The luster pods used to be gas , I’d say 4-6 months ago they all seemed to take a turn for less potency. Not sure why. BR live resin pods ( even botanical ) seem to be the only ones doing the trick anymore. Klutch and BE have gone south on lusters.

  6. This batch looks good , more like the original batches that were very strong. The 2nd batch earlier this year was trash

  7. Totally agree. And I don’t like either lol. It’s too chemical tasting for me

  8. I tried one of these. They are not bad for thr price point. Lately most of the lusters I’ve had are disappointing. I’d grab a few for $24

  9. NYC Flo and Lemon Dosidos from Buckeye Relief are the more recent strains i’ve gotten the chance to try and they rip and taste so good. As far as effects they can be heavy hitters but so far their some of my more favorite strains I’ve tried. Buckeye relief hasn’t disappointed me yet with their flower options

  10. Buddys have recommended those strains as well. For some reason the Chen strains taste bad to me. Lemon dosido , by Chen , electric onut butter cookies. , all have that Chen flag that I’m not into. Love blueberry MAC , cake & cookies strains it seems

  11. Try rotating your strains. You are an OG so you probably get this already, but even the heaviest hitters will start to lag after heavy regular use. Rotating strains helps. Put your regular rotation on the back burner for a bit. Try some new stuff then come back to it.

  12. Been def rotating and trying new but without being able to see smell etc . The strains , it’s pretty much a crapshoot on. We flower. Before covid we had glass jars w buds and snifters …ahh the glory days of OMMJ lol

  13. Daily for 25 years. I have to switch up between flower , carts , lusters. I went concentrate for a while but that will totally ruin your tolerance. Flower that works is becoming the hardest. Really have to lock in on your terps. It’s a struggle.

  14. 45 year old daily smoker. Banana Mac is one of the strains they actually got right in ohio program. 9.3/10.

  15. If the crack is smaller than hen a dollar bill your auto insurance carrier will cover this for free

  16. I’m 45. Daily smoker for 25 years. From my experience THC content rarely affects the power/strength of the affects , however it does seem to make whatever affects that strain has on you, last longer. Terpenes and a proper curing ( which seems somewhat hard to come by in ohio program ) seem the #1 and #2 most important factors for me , with THC content being 3rd most important Hope this helps.

  17. I got the same bell ringer head buzz from this. Prob from the cherry pie lineage. That stuff always rings the bell

  18. Agree with above , the reg lusters have underwhelming lately. I use lusters daily. My FiSi orange kush cake taste was off and no punch. Grow ohio seems to be the only pods not “loosing there luster “ for me

  19. Wow 30% off BR at RISe today and Rise pulls all the BR luster pods off the shelf. Shady !

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