1. She has neotenous features, but her ratios aren’t neotenous. Think of what a baby looks like: long forehead, large eyes, similar length for midface (+-, I think that the lower third greatly affects how these traits are perceived), and a tiny jaw/lower third. Greta doesn’t have these proportions: she has a long lower third - a trait that only develops as one ages and thus is not neotenous. Her forehead, as a result, appears shorter (comparatively) - another mature trait (that’s also typically considered masculine). With neotenous features, the eyes are proportionally large, but because of the coloration of her lashes, as well as her longer lower third (again), focus is taken away from her upper face and thus eyes.

  2. Greta has scandinavian chin. Strong chin. The first thing we can imagine on babies is “round soft face”

  3. Looking for gf in relationship or fwb for swinging? Woman around your age, for relationship+open to swinging/mmf/mff all combined sounds “not” easy to find

  4. Can i get a lot of downvote if i say “i feel sorry for young people in japan and italy”??

  5. Personally i choose nut milk cause my body can not digest dairy well. When i want to shed extra pounds, i drink milk..

  6. 5’8, 120lb female here. Bottom size2, top size 4, not By vanity sizing, by accurate measurement sizing. I thought and think i am thin, maybe skinny to some. In s korea, i looked like “median size” there.

  7. I did around 330cc, she may get that size change for the first one month, but as time goes, bloating is fading, her breasts will not look that big, unless she has narrow torso.

  8. Hmm..every culture has different standard. Even in usa, state by state, doctor by doctor.(For example, chin/cheek implants in america is what east asians can never understand.

  9. You(breasts before and after) remind me of my surgery. Almost same nipple location and natural shape, almost same volume of implants. Almost same result of the early stage.

  10. Orthognathic surgery, facial bone contouring (cutting jaw bones and cheek bones to make smaller, narrower)

  11. Reddit made me stop going to LS club. A lot of young, fit guys here. When looking for 30’s guys for solo play, reddit is better. No offense to single males, but they seems to be “less picky” LS most of whose members are couples, it is a little tiring to make schedule and please both side of male and female. I must be attractive enough to attract male half while i must not be attractive enough to make female half uncomfortable. But when i look for sex partner at reddit, much less effort and always easily accessible.

  12. Interested experience how dose one go about making a real connection so that everyone is safe ? How do you even start I have a lot of questions

  13. Everything demand risk. How can you be 100% sure that someone (that looks decent, well educated, clean professionals) from LS clubs then? He can be handsome rich serial killer, who knows?

  14. Wow, that looks amazing. It’s pretty cool how men’s watches can look great on female wrists. Enjoy the Omega!!

  15. I always love men’s accessories on my wrist. Now i am saving funds for david yurman’a men’s bangles.

  16. I prefer body hair including pubic hair shaved, but FOR ME it is never deal breaker.

  17. Anyway you DID YOUR BEST for your son. I highly praise your hard effort!!! Someday your son will understand that motif is sometimes more important than the result itself.

  18. There are so many reasons why for me that I don't think I can explain it all and have it make sense. But for me the biggest thing is it is kinky. Not saying two people can't have kinky sex, but multiple people can do so much more. I love watching, being watched, love helping a man give his woman pleasure, or if the opportunity arises, maybe help a woman give her man pleasure, and I would love if multiple people pleasured me.

  19. Your answer make me feel better on single guys at LS club. I had thought their honest answer is “they think women there are so desperate sex addicts so thank any random dicks.”.

  20. We go on a fairly regular basis and we are 30(f) and 32(m) I would strongly recommend going on a Saturday over other nights as they just tend to be the best attended. Friday's can be fun but can sometimes be quiet. To find a night with more younger couples be attentive to the theme. For example Star Wars night was awesome for the number of younger couples, and the beach party was questionable. Glow parties also tend to attract younger couples. Look at the theme and if it is something that looks fun to you it is probably a safe bet. Feel free to dm me if you have questions!

  21. Last autumn’s beach party was like “ocean in san francisco night in september”. Not hot summer night in miami.

  22. Packing cups in bubble wrap, the sellers must giggle thinking how amazed another poor one feel and expect when he pays for this innovative item.

  23. I did two tours in Afghanistan. Still work for the military as a civilian.

  24. Agree with you. If someone find others treat them better, yes right in part, but in most part, people get more confidence after surgery, which affect their attitude toward others

  25. Yes in most case if you are in your teen or 20s. Jawline? I am not sure. It seems many east asians seem to put more on face than other ethnicity, but if not, your face will look as same as before unless it is too much fat gain.

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