1. Arrogance can ruin the champion. They should have known this simple truth. Germany deserves this result.

  2. Oh do not forget german play call to Spanish player, Carvajal, to beg “please please defeat japan”

  3. Sure. Who is he? One black german, rudiger?? Yes he did his best to ridicule at shorter japanese player.

  4. How do you think he can afford that car? By shopping at Walmart of course!!

  5. If i give serious answer, in my town(honolulu), same person who go to harry winston frequent walmart (2mins by foot) too.

  6. A. Personally i really love style 1. But it may be too cold for that now (the skirt is silky fabric, right?)

  7. And why tf are you allowed to pay off your CC via cashier? Foreign to me

  8. In big cities, many do side job for extra money, and some pay cc by cash when it is not that much.

  9. Haha. Sometimes, especially to single males, we had better say simple strong one word of “NO”.

  10. Do not care about rating that much. First your score is not low for the payer(rider). Second, rating at uber can be extremely subjective based on bias, no one say but some may think certain ethnicity/race deserve lower rate, some may think oh too short/too long driving deserve lower rating, some may give lower rate if interracial couple ride, if someone with too much tattoo, all the shit.

  11. I just skip rating when i had bad experience. The driver may have some reason, who knows? Just got a call that his mom almost died while driving, i have had all the shit in my life including war so i can absolutely understand all may have sudden unexpected reason.

  12. It was one advertising campaign in bad taste by a niche luxury goods company.

  13. I love them. When i stayed in LA for 2 weeks, there was amazing deshi restaurant buffet. I visited there almost every day, enjoying that heavenly tastes. Do not ask me how much i gained for 2 weeks. Yes quite much.

  14. I don’t know where you are. But when i visited there were all age range (but 20s) from 30s-senior age. All are fine.

  15. My neighbor old man often show that face that tells his old history of wars, civil war in his country, paying custody for kids who are not his by court decision after divorce, paying lawyer for his brother’s dui, etc.. a man who knows “do not think, forget” is best way to survive with humans.

  16. I sometimes feel very depressed and feel i were a dirty trash after sex with stranger. If i don’t feel good, i just stop doing one night stand or meeting fwb till i think i need it.

  17. Doesn't seem to be as comprehensive as other airlines:

  18. Like old habit. Spending twice for trivial thing makes me happy. Why do i do that stupid thing? I don’t know, it just make me smile and feel happy.

  19. Prepare for the worst: you will decline their offer to have sex, they will stop inviting you, and you might be excluded from that circle of friends if that couple has a lot more seniority and influence than you.

  20. LS clubs/communities are often no different from xxx rated version of mean girls without impressive ending of being mentally matured. Oh one difference, we may find the sex leader queen bee may confess she was forced by her husband later

  21. If pants is denim, untucked looks better (in my opinion). But with that pants, tucked is better.

  22. Neiman marcus card. : no need to keep it when i can not afford much from high end stores while they have almost no benefit.

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