1. That's awesome man I'm in the same boat and only 3 months in but already I'm fully confident and happy with how my hair looks, I also was the guy that never took my hat off in front of people..literally never..most people never saw me without a hat on for over a decade..not even my closest friends..although I pretended it was just my look..I was severely depressed and ended up with extreme body dismorphia..anyway fast forward to now and I am a different person..confidence through the roof and just completely free of all anxiety and worry..no worries about wind, rain etc..this hair transplant has absolutely changed my life and it will forever be the best decision i made

  2. If anyone wants to follow my journey I am documenting it on Instagram at gone2dayhairtomorrow..I'm happy to answer any questions over there..the page is helping guys all over the world and that's all I can ask for

  3. I had mine done in Turkey 3 months ago and it's already the best decision I've ever made..check out my Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow as I'm documenting the whole journey..just a regular guy trying to help people and show them its ok to get this done and not be ashamed..feel free to message me with any questions...you can also check my profile on here for monthly updates πŸ‘

  4. I still pat dry with a towel ..3 months in on transplanted area

  5. Yes bro looks normal to me..I had mine done almost 3 months ago and had the same amount of grafts as you..been documenting the journey so far on Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow if your interested..trying to be as detailed as possible just to help others really..best thing ive done for myself..click my name to see posts on here too πŸ™‚ happy growing man πŸ‘

  6. Awesome thanks man, happy to answer any questions over there too if you have any πŸ™‚

  7. I was exactly the same mate lived in a hat for years, had full body dismorphia for over a decade, but as soon as I got this done I became a different person instantly, all my worries completely gone and confidence fully restored..I'm actually documenting my whole journey on Instagram if you'r interested @gone2dayhairtomorrow just want to let others know it's OK to do this and it's nothing to be ashamed of ya know? I always said if I'm gunna do this then I'm gunna own it and that's exactly what I've done πŸ™‚

  8. Looking good man πŸ‘ I'm just over 2 months myself and already seeing great results which is surprising..it feels so good to be on the other side of hair loss worries..best thing ive done for myself

  9. Looks great man I'm at 2 months myself and I'm definitely not worried about mine infact I'm suprised at the growth I have already, see my profile for latest vid..I also get the white flakes but been using aloe vera oil and it's definitely been helping

  10. Perfect. More like this. Thank you for sharing

  11. No problem I'm more than happy to share my journey..will post another update next month on here but in the mean time you find me on Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow where I am documenting my journey πŸ™‚ happy to answer any questions πŸ‘

  12. Hi, wanted to ask how your donor area is looking post op. Has it blended in well? Thanks.

  13. Hey mate yea it's looking pretty good I think, check out my Instagram if you wanna see any pics πŸ‘ @gone2dayhairtomorrow

  14. Hey I plan on going here in January. Did they have to inject blood into your head after? I’m scared of needles πŸ₯΅

  15. Hey mate yes they do inject blood into your head at the end which is the PRP treatment which is part of the package, then only thing that hurts is the annastetic when they are numbing your head...there are quite a few of those injections and they are not nice i won't lie, after your head is numb you can't feel a thing throughout the whole operation, it almost feels nice in a weird way, as for sitting there for hours (6 and a half in my case) I was in and out of sleep for the most part, that should give you an indication of how little it hurts once you are numb, happy to answer any more questions, the best place to reach me is my Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow πŸ‘

  16. I can reccomend Smile mate as I went there almost 2 months ago, happy to answer any questions and have an Instagram account documenting my journey @gone2dayhairtomorrow you can reach me there if you would like πŸ‘

  17. Looks awesome bro I had mine done at Smile almost 2 months ago and can't complain, been documenting my journey in great detail on Instagram if your interested @gone2dayhairtomorrow happy to answer any questions you might have too πŸ™‚ also got a few posts on here if ya check my profile, happy growing man. Best thing ive done πŸ‘

  18. Yes it leaves tiny dot like scars in the donor area but if done correctly you wouldn't be able to tell, I don't plan on shaving my head to the skin anyway

  19. The dreaded shed...I'm day 15 and still no shedding for me but I'm sure it's coming...you can follow my journey on Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow as I have been documenting the whole thing.. also see some of my posts on here if interested πŸ‘

  20. I got one 14 days ago and it's already changed my life...mines in the very early stages of course but the fact I have a hairline is a game changer, I wouldn't leave the house without a hat on for 18 years (crazy i know) and now I prefer not to wear one..confidence is through the roof and growing by the day..if your interested I have been documenting my journey on my Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow I'm also on YouTube @Leeston's world πŸ‘

  21. Looks good man, you can actually remove all scabs by day 10 I've just done mine today πŸ‘

  22. Just got back from Smile this past weekend and had a really great experience..feel free to follow my journey on Instagram @gone2dayhairtomorrow to see how it turns out πŸ‘

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