1. pretty rare seeing a boba play like this when it comes to a 1v1 situation. they typically fly away lol

  2. I'd honestly rather be dead if i survived a fall to the head like that.

  3. i thought the game was good, until stranded 24/7 on breakthrough was taken off and remembered how shit the other maps were.

  4. Omg the number of times I ran to a squad mate last night only to find there was an enemy they hadn't bothered to ping

  5. always check your corners, don't trust random teammates/squad mates ;-;

  6. I don't understand pedophiles at all. What's so attractive about children? No tits, no ass, no kinks, no quirks, underdeveloped bodies, etc.

  7. Scum like that cannot be rehabilitated and the death penalty is too lenient. I suggest putting him up as a "lab rat" for testing and experimentation for the rest of his days.

  8. you're too kind... genetically weak little men like this don't deserve to be tested nor experimented upon.

  9. it's always the posts that start with "This" or "These" i swear 😑

  10. look at their posts, idk if it's a bot or someone just messing around.

  11. i usually insult people as professionally as i can, targeting their intellectual worth is my favorite. Do to them as they do to you, word for word, worth to worth.

  12. it was still pretty funny. English speaking people wouldn't know what "Kong" means in the first place.

  13. i wish i had awards for every post i see doom 3 in. dropped an upvote at least <3

  14. Both shadow of Mordor/war games were pretty good, I'd watch them like i watch the entire LOTR trilogy

  15. My gay friend firmly believes this and I’m the only straight person that has proven her wrong so far lol

  16. everyone likes to be right. it's also a valuable attraction to meet someone like you where I'm from lol

  17. Its a new ui. You have to turn it on through the edit ui option. I also was tricked by this the first day and did a whole nw without my draks ion bar.

  18. omg tysm! i was so lost just thinking I'll probably won't be seeing it for awhile lmao

  19. looks like the room of this child abductor

  20. I'm gonna take a shot and assume this dude is religious, the childishness of their responses weren't a dead giveaway enough. geez 🙄

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