1. I assume he's intelligent, because in game he cannot or does not attack boss characters without first hearing them out, if he was just following "blood.exe" he wouldn't let Gabriel call him an insignificant fuck, nor have enough emotions to say "you're not getting away this time" to V2 in his second boss fight.

  2. yeah the one where the writers didn't want to make fun of the actual show so they instead opted for making fun of the disabled side character?

  3. you should make Hellfire Stew, or for extra flavor, wait for the insects to turn it into a delicious worm castle

  4. "message about needing to let go of childhood" sounds like some nerd shit I'm going to talk your ear off about my favourite dinosaurs fuck you

  5. The same could be said about the butt too though for some people, and a lotta people enjoy anal

  6. only for, like, half of people or so, if memory serves

  7. Uniques are always fun, sad there is not one for the Riot Shotgun

  8. on 1.12 you can have a realistic gun mod, I have not found any good gun mods for past 1.12.

  9. "what do you mean your not going to force yourself on me C-Centurio-"

  10. all this of course before being wiped by the most proficient civilian killers in the wasteland, NCR First Recon.

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