1. Insulting your cooking and the audacity to ask for your phone to order food.Please you can find other girlfriend nta

  2. Treated you like garbage and she returns wants you back.Please have some self respect,do not marry this woman she has cheated on the guy she left you for and when she bored again with life she is going to cheat on you

  3. And no Toney after a match winning brace?

  4. So many chances for Frankfurt but not taken.Kobel was in great form, the goal line clearance by schlotterback was amazing and lastly Reyna's American football tackle on Muani was a foul

  5. Please block her and move on with your life because its clear there is jealousy that you finally moved on from her and you are not her backup plan

  6. Looking for a post about a guy who managed to reconcile with his ex wife or ex girlfriend after years of co parenting after he cheated on her while she was pregnant I think

  7. There are not even in the same federation if you want to replace Iran then replace it with a nation from the same federation

  8. NTA for your mental health please remove these people from your life because it is clear that you are not family to them

  9. When someone in a monogamous relationship asks for a open relationship just know that the relationship is over because they want to cheat without the guilt.You are 18 years it is not to late to find a better girlfriend than the one you have right now

  10. YTA for keeping Harris in the dark for two years, I feel sorry for him and he is not the father of the kid shame

  11. He is not your not your friend,please move on with your life and make new and better friends

  12. They thought xavi was going to be the new Pep, it will take 5 seasons to make a team that will challenge Madrid and the rest of Europe

  13. How many players are going to leave this time if they go back to serie b and with their current form they will be back in serie a after 5 seasons

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