1. There are areas who actually NEED people. Smaller towns, and older mid-cities want people to come in and are affordable. Issue is job market for so many, if you work remote or from home and like home towns, and can entertain yourself & like to take short trips.... then please look into areas that need people.

  2. I hate what her parents have done and think they deserve their sentences but ppl need to give savannah a break. Y'all think she's just going to be fine in 2 weeks after hee parents have gone to jail? This will take her several months to start to adjust to. Of course she's going to lash out and post things. She still believes they are innocent . She lost her support system she's had her whole life and this s is a huge adjustment She has very limited talking time and visiting time with them so yes she's angry and just like everyone in this group voices their anger at what her parents have done she has the right to voice hers as well whether she is being delusional or not by believing they are innocent.

  3. She will get there one day but until then ppl need to stop getting so upset that she is showing anger. This is very fresh and will take a good while to adjust to. Any of us in her shoes would be very upset and she's in the public eye having ppl constantly being nasty to her for what her parents have done. Anyone would lash out.

  4. I just would not give internet strangers and trolls any ammo against me. And maybe slow down the Jesus quotes, now I am a believer and people can post Bible quotes all they want, but need to understand The Good Lord will humble you in a nano second.

  5. He lets his guests talk. So many interviewers I swear they talk more than the guest. Questions that go on and on and on and are just the host grandstanding. Say what you will about JR, he lets his guests do most of the talking.

  6. He is like your favorite neighborhood bartender, and its Wends night place is not crowded and you can sit and bullshit the night away. I do not listen to him a lot, but he WILL allow people to speak and not fly off the damn handle. Not my cup of java but I do get his appeal.

  7. Aw man - I started going when it was Penny Post - loved it

  8. Do you have a vehicle? Before you move check out every place you think that you could work at, and also the resorts for seasonal work. Begin application process, and you may end up at a Burger King before another avenue opens, if you accept that then go for it. Getting yourself established early on would be a big help.

  9. Ironically I worked for them for a week, they offered full-time and benefits, but I'm already working full-time.

  10. I do not know what requirements for Park Ranger, have you thought about grounds keeper? Even sanitation jobs with the State?

  11. No its Omar and her antics and believing she can pull this card when she has been on a non-stop Jew bashing since her first day in office. She has a very, very sketchy past an sus marriage, and now her third marriage to a man that was married, then he became her manager.... she is a issue.

  12. Wuornos did not have a good childhood as she self reported. Don't go by "Monster." While Charlize did a good job, the story is complete and utterly false.

  13. Hell I think Tye used her as well. Tye only ever cleaned hotel rooms sometimes and Aileen was getting 50/60 working the HWY even back then trying to support two people would have been hard.

  14. I love British TV and all their couples seem to be interracial, yes I know there is a big Indian pop in Britain, so it would seem the paring would be the same.

  15. Divide and conquer…the homeless sub is getting to large and loud…what to do?!

  16. Wonder how far they will film? It would be interesting to see them night before Prison and driving up.

  17. LOL we'll probably see that on the news

  18. No doubt, would like to see Julie when its time. Women usually can take Prison better than men in many regards, I read that most say its missing their family and boredom that takes its toll.

  19. This is the random shit that really made me love it here like nowhere else in the world. Seems like the fun random stuff has gone way down since Covid. Hopefully we can have more fun moments around town like this more often, things have been pretty tough lately.

  20. We lost a lot of our characters and those moving in have not much charm to themselves.

  21. I am not trying to be harsh here, but Nana Faye is too heavy for her age, and its showing. Surprised that her Docs have not put her on calorie control. Again its this not a body shame she is an elderly lady who already is bent & slowing down.

  22. That's Not a very nice thing to say. It is body shaming. Nothing wrong with being Fluffy. NF doesn't have to follow your advice or her doctors-She is free to be bent, slow, and fluffy all she wants until she decides otherwise.

  23. She is almost 80 years old, and already moving slow. Elderly people can not carry extra weight as well as someone 30.

  24. I like it, but just my opinion there is a lot of blue and its busy. Overall its a good poster.

  25. Yeah. Didn’t watch that bullshit, felt gross. And seeing Mfs dress up and dress their kids as him for Halloween made me sick to my stomach.

  26. I know many who got the Vax but not the boosters. My neighbors are over 65 and they got it , but said no to booster. One of my nieces got vax and boosters she is 20 in College.

  27. It’s an attack on America. They’re not worried about followers at this point.

  28. If they can successfully take down America (and its happening) they can truly run the planet for themselves. Americans really, really have NO IDEA about poverty and being without anything. I am talking the absolute slums of India here.

  29. One of the hardest would be telling my partner to move on, I would not expect him NOR want him to wait 12 years. He is younger than me anyways and would want to begin a family and I would def not be able to in 12 years. I do not know how women wait on a man in prison, I read that Men normally move on in less than two months and rarely visit even if its their wife.

  30. This same info has been shared all over! Its public OP and someone is being a real wanker!!

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