1. Now that’s crafty! Get it, crafty?! Cricket chirping….

  2. Omg all these comments…. You guys are terrible. Light too intense on a fluorescent 10” away?! Over watered, under watered, soil too dense (it looks like mulch), humidity, drain holes (looks bone dry). The only one that actually makes sense is replant - but in coco/perlite. Perfect if you know what you’re doing. It’s a rough and short go without cal mag and nutes. Lmao I find it sad to read through these

  3. What a fucking asshole, I would never run his genetics!

  4. I thought I was the only one the guy was a dick to (3 years ago) and now I see all the attention this post gets and it’s putting a smile on my face. Thanks for helping make my Saturday even better!!

  5. Oops, I didn’t mean to reply to your comment. Very informative though :)

  6. I have used both the se5000 and se7000 lights, nothing but the best results. No issues with defects or any need for warranty

  7. This animal is sick or domesticated

  8. I am fortunate enough to be regularly visited by a doe and her yearly offspring. She travels the same route through our backyard and munches on our Oak trees…. We have 2 German shepherds, they don’t even pay much attention to each other anymore. The deer aren’t spooked and the dogs don’t bark. But, they glare at each other. At first yes, the dogs would bark, the momma doe would stomp. Now, the deer are not scared of the dogs, nor are they scared of us. They often startle us while we are doing outdoor chores, they’ll walk within feet of us with no worries and they’re like ninjas!! So silent! I wouldn’t say they are domesticated but the deer around my place certainly know that we pose no threat and feel comfortable enough to bed in our tree line almost daily. And no we don’t feed them or attempt to touch them… but we do talk to them. Like - dammit girl you scared the shit out of me! Can you at least brake a branch or something…. No respect. And they love our garden in the summer months! Snap peas seem to be their favourite lol

  9. Been there a few times on aveos…. And other makes. But I always weld that little window I cut out back into place and paint it.

  10. It’s what you have to do, once the little tack weld breaks, that nut spins freely inside the sub frame. You have to weld it back into place

  11. Bend them, at this point that you don’t have many options. And they’re still growing btw, mildly for another week or two :)

  12. Sometimes I see a pretty nug, flick through the album and it’s a small autoflower, shame there’s not much. Then there’s pics like yours op, that is a wonderful wall of frosty nugs! Enjoy trimming haha! But seriously she looks east to trim too… well done!

  13. I have the floraflex bubbler manifold but these cubes hold so much water that I've only needed to water like every 3-4 days. So I'm just gonna wait until they start drinking alot to set that up.

  14. Be sure to watch for ec spikes when you’re feeding every few days. As the nutes dry out the ec rises and she’ll get locked out. But they look great!

  15. Much prettier than the jealousy I just chopped! Nice work

  16. Nine leaf clover. I’m not in Ontario, dude ships to me and they always arrive alive. Good strains and good customer service.

  17. It really is unbelievable how underrated doing stuff like this is… the cleaner and more inviting your space is , the more often you’ll use it. In my experience at least…

  18. Been eyeballing nine leaf clover stuff for a while now, but I have so many seeds seems hard to justify buying clones lol.

  19. I thought the same, picture on nines site shows it being very purple! I asked him the question and he said that it’s likely that they added filters to their pics to make it that purple. I will also add that tiki madman reviews that I’ve seen on Reddit have been bad. He’s a dick apparently so he may embellish his breeder pics to make them more appealing. But, I lowered temps, gave her a 4 day flush (I grow in coco) and that’s as purple as she went for me. Nine’s sunset Sherbert (no longer available) went completely purple at week 6. And it was some of the best smoke I’ve ever grown. I’m a bit sad he no longer has it, I’d love to grow it again for the third time lol. I’ve also grown his peanut butter breath, ice cream cake and pink kush. All of them were amazing! I grew from seed for a few years and it was hit and miss. I got some weird plants…. Once I started growing his clones, I haven’t looked back. And the dude treats me awesome. The ice cream cake and the jealousy are $400 clones. He threw in the icc in an order with sunset Sherbert and same with jealousy. I didn’t pay the full price. I just keep buying from him and he hooks me up. If you are considering buying clones, I highly recommend him.

  20. Yeah I’ve heard/read the same thing about tiki. A little bummed I didn’t grab deep breath from nine leaf saw someone grow it out on IG and it looked great. Might grab the beleaf white truffle and do some breeding with it but no space at the moment, hopefully they still have it in a month or two

  21. I too have been eye balling the white truffle… I heard awesome things about it. And the breeder knocked it out of the park with that one. She will be mine. I’m growing the jealousy one more time but I’ll be getting fresh clones from nine in a month or so, I’m thinking truffle or Apple fritter. I feel like a kid in a candy store lol

  22. I may get some hate for saying this, I don’t bother removing any leaves. Keep it 60/60 for 14 days and you’ll be good. I have a buddy that works in a large facility, they legit just chop em and hang ‘em. Says it’s a waste of time to remove any leaves. I’ve been just hanging them for years, without issue. And with my luck I’ll have an issue this time haha… I chopped today, wall to wall 4x4 hanging upside down

  23. Not arguing with you but I think the nuance people miss in these convos is the posters location and thus environment. We tend to use these blanket rules because it works for us/others but maybe forget that OP might be somewhere completely different. Simple examples are that where I am now, I couldn't agree more, I'd leave every damn leaf on there and not worry at all about how dense they are because it is DRY here, to the point where the real battle is stopping them drying too fast, not stopping mould. But then I lived in Thailand for years and if you hung this shit there a) it'd take so damn long to dry, if at all (in wet season the ambient humidity is insane), and b) you're almost guaranteed mould even with airflow. I was born in the UK and there's super similar issues there, it's just damp all of the time in that country and most people are wet trimming and breaking everything up pre dry to try to avoid mould. Point being, OP, it depends where you are and ow your environment is, not on how whatever large facility in whatever place is doing IMO. If they have a similar environment to you, or you can recreate it with humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, AC/Heating etc, great! BUt if not, you need to do what's right for where you are.

  24. Hence the 60/60 (with air flow and not direct). If you need a humidifier or a dehumidifier that’s depends on conditions. But 60/60 just the same.

  25. Awesome!! Can’t wait to see the finish! Looks like a lot of work!

  26. Repaired two this week that looked just like that! it’s nice to have some good ol’ brake fluid running into my armpits as I flare the lines for the repair….

  27. Very nice! Where’d you get this beauty from?

  28. Ooo my clone guy may have the same cuts, I use nine leaf clover here in Canada. They look very similar and seeing yours makes me wanna grow some rainbow belts! This is from nine’s site. Looks a lot like yours

  29. How’s that gmax? I once spent a ridiculously over priced light from optic LED and I wasn’t happy. I see they have made some improvements, but I’m curious what you think. Your plant definitely seems to love it

  30. I once bought a ridiculously over priced light*** I’m a little stoned and apparently I can’t write very well haha

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