1. Wanting to say goodbye to someone you care about on their deathbed is neither of those things. If you actually think that and you're not just trolling, which it seems like you are since you're just deleting all your comments, then your "morals" need some serious evaluation.

  2. It's not tall but it's definitely not short. For all the people who are saying it's short that just seems ridiculous below 5"7 5"6 is short. Most women and males don't even get over 6"2 so how is 5"7 short

  3. When someone asks yu to rate someone from 1-10 Yu the type to say 5 is below average when it's actually average.

  4. I do it everyday. Why not yu already got the shower running so just brush your teeth while in there. Do it while washing hair or something that's what I do

  5. I was always acting out. Fighting, throwing tantrums, trying kill myself, trying run away. I was the black sheep, always felt different, challenged religion told people their god might be the devil, questioned everything trusted Noone, i would talk to myself.. see ghost.... The list goes on and on. Ptsd and bipolar are dealing with me, I'm not dealing with them 😭😥

  6. I’ve tried a lot I’m not a company only buyer I tried so many I don’t think there’s anything worth that would be $15 a gram. Bud should really be hitting. smoke 2 one and a quarter cones of most stuff to start feeling a good high buzz. Demand more potent weed why folk get hurt over that.

  7. Yea Woodward is definitely over priced. All of it really but 85 for 5.66 na. And I've tried it too, It's not that great

  8. If yu see what I did to myself and how much I paid for it yu would truly laugh yo face off. I like it reminds me of Alice and wonderland a lil and it looks like it's suppose to have in perfect lines. Like it's aprt of it's aesthetic (if I'm using that right). Just a cat chilli with a gun and a lil high.. nothing wrong with that

  9. Cresco Liquid Live Resins are gonna be your best bet

  10. Kings Mustache one of the top flowers I've tried in the program. It's hard to find anything to put me to sleep but that definitely relaxed me. Garlic breath can be good but harsh

  11. Weren't yu the one that was upset and rude about my Grammer. What I was suppose to be the bigger person and shut up. Na I know how to spell enough words for yu. Lame

  12. Sir yu assumed I was upset. Never was I. I called yu a bitch because clearly yu are. I asked if yu get paid to be the Grammer police. As a matter of fact I stated it. I called yu ignorant which uu are( that means lack of knowledge, if yu don't know) and clearly yu are a lame. Yu tried to insult someone and didn't think they were gone speak up for themselves. Now go on lil one my day has been amazing. I actually have a life.

  13. Overall quality has been very disappointing in my opinion. Some of the concentrates are very good but flower wise I’ve never been impressed.

  14. Yea I've said the same. Flower in the program be trash, In ohio at least. I've had probably 3 types that have but me on my back and I've been on the program since it started here. Nothing is really consistent. Gelato is trash, runts trash. Woodward is ok. And people swear by it. If you are in ohio, yu can try grow ohio flower, I thought they were decent for the price.

  15. I got it and it's ok. It's good but not all that. I think if you have lower tolerance it would probably better than a higher tolerance person. I'd get it on sale , just not full price

  16. You may have never been in an abusive relationship. Sometimes you have to lie to avoid pain.

  17. Bruh we not talking about lying in life or death situations. Just say yal lairs and being honest isn't important enough

  18. I’m not saying life or death. That’s obvious.

  19. Any abuse would be my life. My mental health is my life. And I have I didn't lie I just learned to get out of the situation. If they aren't physically hurting me then all I have to do is worry about my mental health. For the sake of my mental health it's important to be transparent and honest in my relationship. I wouldn't want to start telling lil white lies like it's nothing. When I was younger I lied all the time. As I got older I just knew it was something I hated about it. So I stopped

  20. So you are racist and trying to blame other people experiences on why you don't wanna be around black people. Your lack of knowledge is scary and you said college dorm?Maybe take a history class

  21. Thank you. Just took the best nap. Hugged my dog and she kept sleeping in my arms and so I fell asleep too. We're going on a walk to the forest soon, including the lake, so the dogs will be very happy. I know there's really no use in suicide, for me it's like going to the cinema and finding out that the movie really sucks. So there's an option to just leave or you can stay and just watch that movie, like it can't be that bad. Currently tho I'm feeling more like "I'm not gonna watch that stupid ass movie".

  22. I understand.. I'm happy you are moving towards the positive tho. Yes get that walk in!! Enjoy your day the best you can

  23. Hey I hope you are doing well. It's hard, I know. Just take it one minute at a time Watch your breathing.. Take a walk and see the nature. Tell yourself how many pretty things are in the world and think about a time when you felt happy. WHT made you happy? What makes yu smile? Have you ate today? Drunk enough water? Have you cried recently, to let all the pressure and stress out. Take a long nap. Wake up write down what you feel. Think of your life as a book, just writing the next chapter and as I'm reading your book, I don't wanna see my favorite character die by suicide. I love you and value your life

  24. Boy grow up. It's your wife best friends. I wouldn't care what we had in common no way I would be thinking about her that much, that I dreamed of her. You are mentally cheating and if your wife did the same with your best friend, you would be crying like a lil bihh. Did you tell your wife about her shitty friends comment?How many people are you going to meet with more in common than your wife it'll be a lot. And yo slow ass over here falling for the best friend. Ninja divorce her so she can drop yo clown ass

  25. I don't believe so. I went from 140 to 200 in a matter of months within starting it. I've now stopped and it's pissy because it helped so much. But I'm losing the weight again

  26. Bro fuck him he already disrespected yu, being a creepy and keep contacting yu. I'd let him have it too. He insulting your peace

  27. 🤣🤣🤣hate not having my best friend to tell about poops. Hope you get through it much friend

  28. Like who just goes around showing their junk and say I can't help it. Niggas nasty

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