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  1. My cancer rising and Sag Sun/moon fight over this all the time lol. I don't really want to be there, but I feel so guilty if I'm not because I know no one else will do a better job than me.

  2. I really wish I'd stop attracting Pisces 😭 they reel me in with the dreaming, but it never comes to fruition

  3. Why do we attract these deep water people with all their dumb emotions? I find it exhausting. But then I find other sags shallow. Who is the in between? Don’t tell me cancer either cuz been there done that.

  4. Lol I have a cancer asc ( Sag Sun and Moon ) so the emotions don't bother me. Except when they bottle them up and they come out in unpredictable ways, I'd rather they just be honest.

  5. Gusset checks??? Wait, like does she rate the stuff that ends up on her gusset or how things look through the gusset?

  6. We don't beg, and it sounds like he still tried to reach out after the situation after being cut off for awhile. You've likely lost their trust - since you were so willing to shut him out for something you admit wasn't that big of a deal, he's going to keep his distance because we tend towards working through issues in the moment and moving past them. Life is too short to cut off someone you love - so it's a huge betrayal to be cut off like that - especially if we didn't deserve it.

  7. I am willing to do anything ( i really like him and both of us know that we have this amazing banter and connection), there must be something i can do, i am texting him first and try to reach out, is there anything else i should do?

  8. Eh... Like the others have said, acts of service could help? But it could also swing into clingy territory and that'd hit my ick hard if I was truly done .

  9. She's definitely is arching, it looks like it's making it difficult for her to stay stable. That plus karate chopping the seams right up in there, we have breathable latex leggings lol

  10. This really resonates as I learn to navigate my new life without my family. It took me too long to realize that I am important to me.

  11. I have a heavy Sag/Capricorn chart and 2017 I broke up with my boyfriend of ten years ( it was a good thing, this wasn't a good relationship ) and went buck wild trying to build up friendships.

  12. Not so much an alter ego, but I'd go into what I'd call "video game mode" where the points don't matter lol - I'd get an impulse and just do it to see what would happen.

  13. I use nutritional yeast, Cajun Foreplay Seasoning, and a little bit of raw brown coconut sugar and salt

  14. I'm always curious about the pens people use - especially these kind where there a little bubble at the ends of the letters. I figure I must be a gel/marker that pools at pause points?

  15. On my rugby team, ironically the most pursued women by the men's team never shaved. I definitely skipped shaving way more often after that lol

  16. I'd nope out of this so fast. Something about people acting like being incapacitated because they partied to hard as something to be boastful of is a hard turn off for me. Especially people who act like it's a good reason to keep my Sunday free for them.

  17. Blue Eyes, big lips, BPD, have tackled a 300 lb + man at a bar for saying women ruggers can't tackle

  18. Are you far enough off the procedure that you can smush them? Because the Shefit was the only bra I've had that held up when I played rugby lol, I would pop out the top of everything else - 34H

  19. As someone who dated someone 20 years older than me, him especially enjoying women with BPD?

  20. My favorite is cut tofu in square slices with salt and Cajun seasonings - let it crisp in the oven and dunk in a vegan soy or general tso's sauce 😁

  21. I just learned that the stalks and leaves of cauliflower is also edible - and they taste super sweet! Having to be more frugal I've been finding that the most nutritious parts of the vegetables have been tossed away for arbitrary reasons.

  22. I wouldn't stress too much right now! You're doing what you can with the environment you've been given.

  23. I just want some greasy fried chicken so bad right now ugh😢I’m so hungry it’s like I can’t even get full

  24. The vegan bakery below me makes a Fried Oyster Mushroom burger with huge slabs of oyster and Shitake Mushroom Nuggets. The breading feels like fried chicken, I've probably been vegan long enough to not notice that the mushroom is a mushroom, but it's more than enough for me. There's also a vegan pizzeria here that makes jackfruit boneless wings, a little heavy on the breading, but ask for them to be fried twice and I can't tell the difference.

  25. Okay. This is an interesting chart. You are hyper-sensitive to people's energies. You will definitely want to help people, and you probably enjoy giving advice, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it while being around a lot of people. There are indirect ways of helping, or careers where you help on a one-on-one basis.

  26. It sounds like you have some poor boundaries with people, and that can make it difficult for you to settle into something. I mean, if you feel you've always got to be the person filling in the gaps you perceive - or feeling responsibility for others in any way - then - you aren't truly developing what YOU want to do, as you perceive yourself to be what others need. In a way, you are purposefully allowing others to use you for their benefit.

  27. You are on the right path just by having learned this. Cap 7h-Can 1h axis will keep teaching you more. You need to master 6h and 7h themes this life, putting on more foundation to self. Do not sacrifice your soul..

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