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  1. I mean, his wife and child would have been nothing but slaves to be raped and abused by the Legion for the rest of their lives. There are some fates worse than death

  2. Don't bash me but i saw this YouTube short that say "People of Burma were becoming more liberal and left aligned so to counter that the general made driving to right side so that they can all be right aligned 😑"

  3. Not gonna lie but I like driving on the left for this reason

  4. Which is patently false. Mining for those elements is extremely horrible for the local environment; but there are ways to strip mine that doesn’t really impact the global environment. Coal mining is bad locally and coal burning is horrible globally

  5. Kemp's coattails and they redid the maps to be more favorable to the GOP.

  6. That and Kemp pretty much won the suburbanites by refusing to rig it for Trump in 2020

  7. Warnock’s victory was historic in a lot of ways, as people have mentioned earlier. Here’s another: With this victory, he will now be the first black person to win a full term in the Senate from Georgia.

  8. Who would have thought in the 1960’s that Georgia’s senators would be a African American and a Jewish man

  9. Herschel Walker’s always done random shit for the hell of it (like becoming a bobsledder or a MMA fighter), and it seems like running for Senate fits into that.

  10. He also voted to impeach Trump so I will give him that

  11. Maybe unpopular opinion, but the Nation of Islam and Black Israelites are some of the most racist, despicable people in America that don’t get condemned nearly as much as they should because they are majority-black organizations and

  12. I mean they also have like almost 0 relevancy compared to other hateful, racist groups so it makes complete sense that they don’t get as much hate.

  13. Most of them are basically just African American boomers

  14. Well that and part of the reason they haven’t been condemned the amount that they should have is that they don’t have the same access to power what white supremacists do

  15. That’s exactly why the compromise happened. Austria was too exhausted after having fought both Prussia and Italy.

  16. Lol I remember I used to call him Kevin Eleven as a kid.

  17. I mean that’s technically true because his full name is Kevin E. Levin

  18. It’s to make fun of the idea of an ethnic group controlling the world bc it’s such a dumb idea

  19. In the case of Syria, there are probably some pro-Assad refugees that fled bc of ISIS

  20. All of holocaust denial is built upon 2 or 3 very especific details that if they were true they would still not mean the holocaust didn't happen

  21. I'm all for waiting periods and background checks and barriers to entry. I think if you had to spend a Saturday in gun safety classes to buy a gun, it would cut half of mass shootings.

  22. Not to mention taking classes to keep guns stored safely to make sure crazy relatives can’t use them either

  23. Slow down guys you're making sense and neither political party can get mad at that.

  24. Because most of the time it’s not about policy? It’s about owning the other side. All while billionaires can keep exploiting a divided 99%

  25. As it me or do lost causers have an obsession of calling people who call out their bullshit “Santa Deniers”

  26. Huh last time I checked Santa lived in the….. North Pole

  27. France hasn’t been a factor in Haiti since 1945, and the US track record in the past 40 or so years in Haiti is largely positive. In the same amount of time former French colonies and former victims of US imperialism have made vast strides, while Haiti is worse than ever.

  28. I mean, France goring Haiti to pay massive debt at its independence isn’t exactly the best way for a country to start

  29. What he say now? Is it worse then that the jews control the media? Is it worse then being racist in place of understanding the way business and deals work?

  30. Me seeing people unironicly idolise Andrew Tate. From what I've seen he looks like a terrible person.

  31. You mean the Jesus that constantly pointed out the Jewish Pharisee's and Sadducees , corruption, contradiction , and trolled them to the point that they Crucified him? Them Jews?

  32. Rather that than anti-God. Get your priorities straight you little brainwashed twerp

  33. So what I’m supposed to not like da Joos bc of weirdos like you?

  34. But why the Jews? (Genuinely asking) Must be a reason

  35. In the case of Kanye, it’s probably because he’s been with crazy Christian evangelicals the past couple of years. Their views on Jewish people is usually supporting Israel so “we don’t have to deal with them” and that it’ll lead to the second coming of Christ.

  36. Let me guess “claiming he’s being silenced by the (((media)))” or some anti Semitic bullshit like that?

  37. Kinda hard to do that with the giant highways in the way

  38. That other Republican with a spine offered to be speaker. The one who was stepping down from his seat. Adam something?

  39. Easy. They dont look at our part of the internet same as we don't look at theirs. I had a classmate that's an exchange student. Man was 25 and hadn't heard of it. Ever.

  40. I was wondering why you never find Japanese people online

  41. I remember seeing some old Russian propaganda years ago that Latvia was going to invade Russia through Kamchatka or something. They win the gold metal in mental gymnastics

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