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  1. 2 days to get your shit together before we run

  2. For sure mate. I'm pleased to see it worked out for you man. Feels good when it comes together ❤️

  3. Haha nice dude! without a strategic plan, one would just be running in circles.

  4. It’s good to know they make quality products.

  5. Shipping can be pricey, but buying multiple tapes shouldn't really raise the price so you'd be better off to buy a few at a time. Either way, feel free to message me sometime and we can find an option that works.

  6. How many Doritos are we at now?

  7. Who is talking about doritoes? This is the basic mechanics of how stocks move

  8. All I can say is, if you have not taken advantage of current price point, u will regret

  9. Chart is setup perfectly for a run right now……..holding almost 10k shares Since last Thursday…..again

  10. How can you tell? Just wondering what the difference is from the original.

  11. The case…a few things but most specifically the powell on bottom right of front instead of powell Peralta

  12. 💩💩💩 stock pumped up by YouTubers. It’s done created many bag holders because only degenerates trade penny stocks in this corrupted market. Fuck watching charts every day. No win situation with to much stress

  13. I’m almost certain something is still going on in regard to liquidity. This is a super high percentage of short exempts, and with the price action currently, they should NOT be struggling with liquidity problems. I’ve nearly convinced myself that tons of shares were shorted that didn’t technically exist, but it’s so far fetched I can’t understand how the MMs could have f’d up that bad.

  14. U don’t understand how? That’s an easy answer, they just do. Sell a few million short, pocket the cash, put short position in an FX swap with a colluding international buddy and presto…..the original seller never had a short position that will be reported in any data and cannot be traced back to them (without an insider whistleblowing)

  15. Remember, that is the company which added largest percentage to market cap. It doesn’t necessarily always mean the company with highest percentage increase of days since every company has a different amount of shares and such, this might actually be a first for GME in a long while

  16. Oh it’s gonna exceed $5.4 billion alright….

  17. I mean after all……isn’t “financial discipline” literally the name of the game in big business? 😂

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