1. Yes, it is. Trivia fact...she married Richard Marx, another 80's musician. They later got divorced.

  2. I'm going to one of the Toto shows without Journey. Tickets are much cheaper!

  3. Another downside to homeschooling is that the kids are mostly isolated from their peers, at least during 'school' hours. Kids need to learn how to interact with other people.

  4. Most parents I know homeschooling are doing so in groups with other parents. The parents teach subjects they are familiar with. Also results in more socialization.

  5. The local library categorizes CDs (no matter the genre) as YA (young adult), yet the (vast majority of) young adults out there either don't know what a CD is, or they don't use them.

  6. I have given flowers to males in the past, multiple times. In every case, they loved it. Go for it!!

  7. For me (and I think most men) its the gesture more than the flowers. I personally have no use for flowers, i think they are generally kinda lame as a gift. That said I would be super appreciative that someone thought enough of me to get some for me.

  8. Oh, I agree. Same holds true for me. I love flowers, but cut flowers seem like such an odd gift in the sense that they're so expensive and you know they will die within a few days (10 days at most). It's the thought that counts, though, both as a recipient and the giver. The guys I gave the flowers to loved them because it was such a thoughtful, unexpected gift.

  9. According to the Pulse Point app, there's a pole fire at 862 Estes Street.

  10. Pick A. You'll make new friends at your new school, where the whole point is to get a good education, particularly in the field in which you are most interested. You can always keep in touch with your current friends.

  11. No, eggs are my main source of protein, so I don't want to cut them out. I shop around until I find the best price.

  12. What's the best price you've found and where? I replaced them with avocados, so there's a monster truck's size of alternative protein for you. Those seem to go on sales still, but eggs have never been on any noteworthy sale in my area since this price hike.

  13. Last week I was able to get 18 large for just under $5 at Food Lion. They're up to $6.50 this week. Ugh.

  14. Plant a tree or flowers in her honor. Do something that you both enjoyed doing together, or something that was important to her.

  15. I don't make my own, but I also feed mine dried liver treats. I order the Stewart's brand from Chewy. They're still expensive, but it might save you a little money by buying in bulk from Chewy.

  16. It would be interesting to read all the entries under the 'note to restaurant' section to see how many people comment on the pricing.

  17. She looks (in the top picture especially) like Shirley Temple when she was in her mid-teens. Lovely.

  18. Are you on the Nextdoor site? There are puzzlers on there who may be interested in swapping with you. (Somebody actually requested this last March.)

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