1. What that's like the best part of a pizza come on

  2. I agree! when I see these ''You are loved'' or ''You're amazing'' comments it doesn't make me feel better cuz it isn't something they only ''said'' to me. I find compliments or positive messages like these more powerful when the person is right in front of me because I know they mean it, if that makes sense.

  3. Mascots. Not just sports but the ones at theme parks who dress as Goofy, Minnie, etc. any of the full body costumes.

  4. True! I'd also like to mention people who dress as santa claus at the mall in the same category as this.

  5. Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

  6. Idk i always put the nsfw tag when i post something on this subreddit

  7. Doing something pointless (and often dangerous) and calling it a 'challenge' will almost instantly have people across the world doing that thing for internet points.

  8. That's basically the same as comparing scrambled eggs to a goat

  9. This is giving ''I have it worse than you'' after opening up to someone vibes

  10. Sorry to ask, but what did he do? I haven't really informed myself on the whole drama thing

  11. Water legit is the future. It's why the Nestle guy wanted to "license" water usage, its why its the final card in the film the Big Short starring Gosling, Carrell, and Pitt.

  12. Also, (I'm not sure?) humans haven't explored a lot of the ocean and why not explore what we already have instead of just ''moving out'' when we've still got the opportunity to save the earth

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