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  1. True story, we put it on as a movie for our family to watch on Christmas Eve 2 years ago. My brothers and I had already seen it before so knew what to expect.

  2. I don't drink Fosters, it tastes like a cannabis

  3. Don’t look at me like I am the monster, frown out your one face, but with the other, stare like a junkie into the t.v, stare like a zombie, while the mother holds her child watches him die hands to sky crying “why oh why?”

  4. Yes but I’d say at least once a week I sleep on the settee because the snoring is crazy loud.

  5. If you go to a good/high end restaurant, you order everything you want, not just what you need/ enough to satiate and you don’t look at the prices and just pay the bill without giving it any thought.

  6. Pressure, expectation, composure, accuracy, decision making. Some of the best players ever don’t have all these attributes. Matt Le Tissier on the other hand…..

  7. I wasn’t a fan at first but I’ve now seen it 4 times, I have enjoyed it more with each rewatch. It’s now in my top 5.

  8. It’s a solid sequel but isn’t as good as the first film. Definitely in my top 20 horror sequels 👍🏻

  9. Health wise, it depends if you’re eating pretty clean majority of the time and how much you exercise.

  10. I wasn’t feeling up to pushing the pram up the big hill to nursery this morning. Instead we caught the bus, 1.2 miles, 3 stops = £2.

  11. Really not sure, it’s either Halloween, The Thing, Alien or Gremlins.

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