1. I want to sit comfortably, not fall asleep 🙏

  2. Balenciaga trying to divert the attention away from the fact that they are STILL pedophiles 💩

  3. I could imagine that you are the type of person that thinks we should respect pronouns OP.

  4. Why is it ALWAYS a potato that takes these photos?

  5. There is a reason why it says on the masks box "does not protect against covid-19", but whatever 🤷‍♂️

  6. You’re the reason we having warnings on strollers that say “remove child before folding”.

  7. The article reads "The police THINK the car was hit on purpose"..... U kidding me right? 🤣🤣

  8. Ahhhhh Potato photoes, don't you just love them? 😊

  9. This is probably THE CLEAREST sign i've ever seen anyone do EVER.... She didn't even do the movement by mistake, you can clearly see she does it by choice... Wtf.

  10. It was so fake that he had to pay her off & settle the lawsuit out of court so nothing would come out publicly lol

  11. That is exactly why Michael Jackson is innocent...................

  12. I see we have a lot of pedo lovers on the sub ehhh....

  13. Guess the mods stopped giving a fuck long time ago 🙌

  14. I'm not following... If people are vaxxed, how does an unvaxxed cause the outbreak amongst vaxxed?

  15. once the virus is gone, they stop vaxxing because it would be a waste of government funding, unless some idiot does this

  16. Aight! I'm now wiser..... But howcome they rely on nobody EVER entering the country that might have it, i mean every country gets tourists right?

  17. This is fucking gold!!! I loved every single comment he made 🤣🤣

  18. Somebody get Nick Cannon on the phone.

  19. Mariah not gonna be happy when she finds out he is the new Djengis Khan apparently 😆

  20. His thrusts are neatly synchronized, can't stop watching either 🙌

  21. And i thought potato was bad, shiiiiet 🥸

  22. Rumor has it that in the minutes before it exploded it generated enough energy to power the sun 🙌

  23. James says Testosterone is a poison men need to get rid of.... Fuck the cunt 🙌

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