1. She still sucks ass, right ?

  2. She still sucks, and no one should pull for her

  3. Just today I soloed Scaramouche boss as Kokomi after my teammates died though

  4. Oh, but I thought you lose 50/50 when you get Dehya ?

  5. Yeah I am not caring even if they buff her since I am pulling her regardless

  6. Never understimate the ones who keep you alive

  7. They could do that yes, because she is not out yet

  8. I mean that is literally what it says about 4 piece effect

  9. It is not really that she is not good, just that she ain't the best

  10. I bet every bystander was as confused as he was, including the girl

  11. Gorou senses a new threath coming

  12. Gorou gets shivers for some reason

  13. Al Haitham trying to get Lisa to be her roommate

  14. Eula reminding you why to pull for her

  15. Oh, I forgot, let me fix that for you 🤌

  16. I hope that sales are actually low and complainers keep their word

  17. She sucks pretty bad at being a dedicated tank too.

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