1. I just saw you will dispose of it as well. So depending on which floor it is on I would not do less than $800 plus cost to dispose to be discussed when you dropped it off (and add 20%). Especially if this guy is doing the work himself to build it back he will likely not hire you again, so why do it for cheap.

  2. I will keep that all in mind. Thanks for the response.

  3. Just the demo? Or remodel as well?

  4. That’s an awesome deal. I still love corded tools. There is a time and place for them for sure.

  5. Exactly. Don’t need it often but when I do I don’t mind running an extension cord.

  6. Saw Taking Back Sunday there years ago. Why the reference to back problems? Sitting on the floor for a concert?

  7. Initially this was installed without tape. Then it was added and stuck to the block wall. One inspector said tape was needed. If so, what would you tape it to?

  8. Why don’t you test it first with high pressure and see what happens? I personally would not use chemicals if not needed.

  9. How did pellets end up outside the container? Probably an issue

  10. Exactly. Not to mention how full the pot is… I think once I had it reading the probe the controller glitched and never stopped dumping pellets.

  11. Did you clean the pot out before this fire up?

  12. I did not. Only ten hours of cooking since last clean out. I clean after 20-25 hours of cooking normally.

  13. Not sure if it will work or not but I would give cleaning vinegar a shot

  14. Client sent me these pics. Looks pretty serious to me. Maybe i could replace drywall next to the tubs and just paint the ceiling? Otherwise it is looking like a complete rip out and replace to me.

  15. I’m thinking an 80/20 BT/1792 could really set this one off.

  16. It's definitely Tadelakt. I'm just finishing my bathroom remodel with it. It's a ton of work and takes an absurd number of costs between waterproofing, key coats, base coats, tadelakt coats, sealer/soap coats.

  17. Great blend of organic colors in your bathroom! For your cabinets/counters… what’s did you start with? Wood? Cement board?

  18. Thanks! Taken way too long and down to the nit picky tedious stuff which of course takes even longer. It's just 2x4 framing with hardibacker then the tadelakt process over that.

  19. You wouldn’t want exposed plywood edges if you’re looking for longevity, no matter what you finish it with it will need maintenance in the future. Break the steel over the edge like a normal counter top.

  20. I think epoxy would do a great job to increase longevity. Thoughts?

  21. Why were we never comfortable using the decimal system that’s been in place?

  22. Anvil is good for the money. Better than the cheap ones that you twist to cut off the flow.

  23. Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing.

  24. It’s scarier when you recall that Ultra Conservative Billionaires are using their money to push stuff like PraguerU, Ben Shapiro, fucking InfoWars (Before it got Nuked), and many other Alt Right Outlets that are PROVEN to turn their audience members into Active Shooters; towards us via those targeted/behavioral modification ads.

  25. Yeah, the left doesn’t act in a similar way at all, ever.

  26. Don’t skimp. I don’t know the right one for you but I went for a Kenwood model (equal to JVC I believe). The unit functions very well, Apple car play and all. My one complaint is the reflection on the screen is terrible. I can hold my iPhone in the identical spot and see it fine, but more times than not, when the sun is out, the head unit is very difficult to see. I even bought a glare/screen protector thing. It helped, but it’s not perfect. Maybe it’s the windows in the first gen tundra, or my sunroof, or Florida… I would lean towards something of higher quality, maybe Pioneer.

  27. I go by sqft.. range could be from 4.50 to 7.50 a sqft level of prep required, how many custom colors, level of trim detail, is the house already furnished, and the grade of paint the client wishes to use…

  28. House is lightly furnished. Just moving in. TVs are up and beds are in. One couch. One dresser. I’m a handyman that has been getting more calls for painting lately. I did $2/sq ft for walls only a few weeks back. Just want to make sure it’s fair for both parties. $4.50 per square ft would be great money as far as I’m concerned. But am I undercutting myself?

  29. If you have little painting experience you're drastically over charging.

  30. Been painting for 15 years. 7 as a helper and 8 out on commercial ships. Just never had to price out the job for myself before. What’s the price for little experience? 15 years experience?

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