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  1. Saw this done in Spain while teaching English. I was surprised.

  2. For what it’s worth, buying your Ledger from the official Ledger store online is good practice. Some from retailers appear to be tampered with from time to time.

  3. How are Block/CashApp’s bitcoin reserves? Are they fully backed?

  4. Proof of Reserves is a scam. It's a ploy to make you think your Bitcoin is safe with an exchange. Even with proof of reserves, an exchange can still leverage their assets and end up like FTX.

  5. Thanks for the input. I have a low percentage of my stack sitting in CashApp for easy and quick liquidation. Feeling more convinced lately to just park it in cold storage with the rest.

  6. It is worth noting that the original maker of Traeger now works with/for Pit Boss. Go with your gut. My dad got a great pellet smoker from Sam’s club (Memeber’s Mark) that was built by Coleman for $200. I got a Traeger at Costco on sale and am very happy, however, I could have bought two from Sam’s for the price I paid.

  7. Lots of controversy around these working but I would suggest an ozone machine. I ran one at a customers house and really did notice a difference. That being said, that house was not smoked in for decades.

  8. Get a thermometer on the grate that you’re cooking on. My set temp and actual temp were 25+ degrees off. And like others have said, cook to temp, not to time.

  9. I'd actually be interested if it runs, elements are good and you have a good price

  10. Any chance you’re in Florida? I’m still figuring out a price. From what I see they sell for over 3k brand new but I don’t see any used ones on eBay to give me a good gauge on fair used value.

  11. If you are going to use a skill saw, make a guide board, 1/4 inch thick plywood with a fence to run the base plate of the saw down, if you make it a little wide, the when you make you first cut with it, the edge of the board will be your cut line, tape the bar top off with masking tap and then place you board on your cut line, score it with a sharp utility knife and cut. Probably want to use a brand new finish blade on the saw, I'd more than likely use a diablo, fine finish blade just because they are readily available where I live and don't cost too much.

  12. Thank you, just the descriptiveness I was looking for

  13. Best way is a track saw with tape and a 1mm score cut first before you cut full depth. If you haven’t got a track saw then use a circular saw face side down to avoid as much chipping and damage as possible.

  14. How fine if a saw blade would you recommend? I don’t have a track saw so I will will my circular saw.

  15. Unless there is supports behind that metal that you can hit I wouldn’t fasten anything to it.

  16. Being a commercial place you might also consider corner legs for added support. Plus I doubt the wall was built to handle leveraged weight at the walk through.

  17. I guess I should be calling this more of a shelf than a countertop since it won’t really be on top when finished

  18. While I do agree, it has been requested that no obstructions are under the newly lowered countertop. Will 12” brackets be enough for a 17” deep counter assuming I hit studs?

  19. Take it easy on yourself and job hop a little. I had my first job for 7 years. And then my second one for another 7 years, both different industries. In the last two years I’ve had 6 different jobs. Some for companies and others more in the contractor field. It’s been so nice experiencing all the differences as I believe it helps you really start to see the things that you prefer. Now, I didn’t say like or enjoy for a reason, it’s been hard for me too. But as your preferences get narrowed down it becomes easier to stay content in the job your at. Just my two cents.

  20. That is going to sag so much. I would totally have put at least 2 more hinges on it. That is, if it doesn’t pull the whole post over. I’m far from an expert though.

  21. I think he will put a sturdy wheel on it. Not sure if it will help with sagging or not but should alleviate some of the weight.

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