1. I thought these were real at first! They look incredible

  2. 1: get some stuffing. 2: learn how to do a ladder stitch if you haven’t already. 3: add stuffing. 4: enjoy floofy squish.

  3. Don't worry, she has had more stuffing added to her already!

  4. Don't worry, I gave her a good fluff after taking these pictures! She's pretty understuffed though

  5. He was fed 5 minutes before this photo was taken! He just loves food haha

  6. This happened with mine too! They've also removed all of the listings from the website, so I have no idea what happened:(

  7. Search up Allfromjade on YouTube, she has video tutorials that are super easy to follow! Helped me create my forst piece

  8. Ah yes, Curbon, my favourite element. I'd definitely be taking that up with the teacher

  9. I found a few Evers this year and sadly they all also had yellow crusty parts in their hair… I assumed it was killer dried glue or something because they honestly didn’t seem like they were made very well with bald spots, loose stitching and stuff too. But I’m sorry yours was so bad :(

  10. Yeah, the quality is definitely going down, I've had a few with quite a bit of glue, but never all thought out the hair. I just wish it was disclosed, instead of finding out once I got it. I'm hoping the quality will go back up soon

  11. I haven’t used posh in a while but if I remember correctly you have a certain amount of time (3 days?) to accept the order or file a dispute. After the time passes it automatically accepts. If the product isn’t as described, posh will likely side with you and allow a return/refund providing you with a postage label

  12. Thank you! I've sold on poshmark a lot, and bought quite a bit, but never had to go through the return process before now thankfully

  13. We all have to start somewhere, this looks great for a second project! I'd try switching up the yarn and trying again, practice makes perfect!

  14. They were only just released, the price should go down soon, like what happened with 5 inch Stacy

  15. Are they in direct sunlight at all? I've heard that they can become sunbleached, which would explain the lighter colouration

  16. Both! It's great showing the clothes both laid flat and modeled, so you can get a better idea of what you're buying

  17. I used baking soda to get weed smell out of a squish I bought and it worked well. I'd suggest leaving it in that batch of baking soda (shake it around so it's completely covered) for 24 hrs, then take it out and assess. I ended up putting fresh baking soda in and going for another 24 hours and it got the smell out. Afterwards, I threw it in the washing machine with other clothing items on a cold wash, and let it air dry overnight.

  18. Be careful about watering on a schedule, it may be too much water. The best way is to water when the big, bottom leaves become squishy (you can gently squeeze them sideways). If the plant has enough water, they will be very firm and plump. As it uses up the supply, they will become smaller and more soft. When it is time for a water, make sure the pot has drainage at the bottom, and let the water run through enough to completely soak the soil and start coming out of the bottom. Lots of sun for this one too, it'll keep the colours nice and bright!

  19. Whatever you do, do NOT go to Claire's. Piercing guns and most turn into infections. Definitely go to a professional piercer, usually tattoo shops have at least one in house!

  20. Their eyes turn back to a normal colour before they shed! Just make sure the tank is more humid than normal to help the shed come off easily

  21. Omg these are so cute! My therapist suggested needlework and I picked crocheting. This gives me hope and so much excitement!

  22. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the world of crochet, there's lots of different patterns to discover and make, plus it's so much fun!

  23. Holy crap you are already a crochet master!! Those are so so cute and well done!!!

  24. I adapted and figured out how to focus and learn in second year after having my first year online, however moving to in person for the first time in my university career has been terrible. I'm in the same boat, I can't focus or study and I honesty do not care for school anymore. I hate all the time I spend commuting, and honestly, my mental health is taking a massive hit as well.

  25. If the traffic is clear it's 15 mins by car, however, I've had that turn into an hour long drive with all the traffic too many times

  26. Overall, wildlife should not be taken in from outside, it is very stressful for them and as others have said, they do not survive well in captivity. I have worked in parks for many years, and with both captive and wild snakes. Snakes are tough creatures, the wild snakes in Canada survive -40 degrees Celsius winters, so he will find a way to survive, either by burrowing underground or finding another shelter. Please release him back to the wild, he will be happiest there.

  27. i’m just scared that i’m going to hurt her or drop her or she runs away, do you maybe think it’s worth to get a hook to pick her up ? also thankss

  28. Definitely pick her up with your hands. If you can get a finger or two underneath and scoop, that's a method I like to use for my snake as he likes to squirm. As mentioned above, as long as you don't clench them in your fist, they are okay. Sit on the floor when handling, so if she falls she won't fall far. If you wear a watch, they love wrapping themselves around that, and will use that to anchor themselves. Once you hold them a few times, you'll get a feel of how they react to touch and how much they squirm. My best advice: be quick in picking them up from the tank, the longe rit takes the more stressed they get

  29. A tip, bring your hand in from behind. If it's going for her face, she may try to strike it. She will get used to being picked up the more often it happens, she's just uncertain and defensive right now

  30. Mine saw my collection before we moved in, but it quickly got much larger! I try to keep them all in "my spaces" e.g on my side of the bedroom and near my desk. I bought wire storage shelves from Amazon, they are great! I also have smaller hexagon shelves for the wall, where I put most of my 5 inch ones. As long as you check in that they are okay with you putting them in certain areas, then you should be good!

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