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  1. The only reason a woman posts any proactive pictures online is for validation and attention. It is that simple.

  2. You took her virginity. What did you expect? Now that poor girl is going to be devastated because those lines got crossed.

  3. She is telling you this specifically because she knows it will hurt you. This is not someone you want in your life at all. For your piece of mind block her and do not communicate with her.

  4. Its gonna hurt. Accept that its gonna hurt. No matter what never let her see that it bothers you ever again.

  5. I have access to my wifes phone. But its been a long time since i needed to go into her phone for any reason.

  6. I just saved this post, i just might take you up on that offer.

  7. NTA, I have teen bank accounts with my kids. But i have more self respect than to take anything from my kids. Especially money.

  8. Too many people are overly judgemental here. If you have real questions about age gap you should look at the agegape sub. You will get better information than here.

  9. They claim its a 99% protection, but that is only if you are consistent with it, and the effect may be reduced when you are sick. It can also simply have a reduced effect on you by default, which is hard to measure. You may need one with stronger hormones. I would consult your doctor and ask him that you wish to discuss this more extensively.

  10. It is not being sick that reduces the effectiveness of birth control. It is anti biotics. They lower rhe effectiveness from 99% to about 80%. It takes about two weeks after completion of the antibiotics for the effectiveness to return to 99%. Hope that helps clarify. 😀

  11. Communicate your wants and needs to her. Depending on how she reacts you either can embrace these feelings, or put it on the shelf.

  12. If you where sexting another guy. Yeah i wouldn't trust you either. Because the intent was there. Even if nothing physically happened.

  13. I was never sexting ~ I said a gaming rig he had built was impressive as a reply to a story.... since facebook puts that as direct messages, my husband saw these ad DM's

  14. Ahhh i apologize. I misunderstood. Thank for clarifying that. 👍

  15. So women should be treated as equals AND get special treatment as well? Is that what we are teaching now?

  16. How do you get that from teaching children to stand for an elderly man, a pregnant woman, and a woman holding a child?

  17. Lets continue to teach ONLY boys that they are suppose to give up seats or anything else for that matter. But never ask a woman. She wants to be treated as an equal then she does NOT get any special treatment. None.

  18. If someone is actually interested in you they will make an effort. They will match your energy. Does it feel like he is matching your effort? After 7 months, if you are still unsure if he is really interested. I think you know what to do.

  19. You are far from an idiot. Most people do not have the courage to try to join the military. I would be proud of you. I would suggest the Army or the Air Force.

  20. This has to be a troll post. Or someone is a little off in the head.

  21. Your relationships with people. You wont be remembered for putting in the most hours at work. Or your money. But you will be remembered for the impact you had on people. Your relationships.

  22. I'm learning the hard way though that without significant money, relationships aren't going to be available. Which makes sense but man it's depressing

  23. I am not saying money isnt important. It is very important to your survival. What i am saying is dont work soo much you loose connection with your wife. Dont miss all thr fun things with your children.

  24. I would be interested as well. In the mean time. I have taken to making flash cards on index cards.

  25. For me, i do subject verb combinations. Since romanian has male female differences We eat- noi manca

  26. I would give it at least 2 weeks to get back to baseline effectivess.

  27. If you keep doing it. Then i would say yeah you are. You either have to let it go and move forward with your relationship. Or cut ties and break up. Its not really appropriate to take a jab at someone time and time and time again. No matter how much i cared about someone. If they kept repeatedly hitting a sore topic i would eventually got sick and tired of it and walk away.

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