1. Yeah our former president just released a statement that says we should get rid of the constitution. Can’t think of anything more America-hating than that

  2. Must have been conceived in the age of staggeringly low oil prices

  3. I thought it was the version 15 one, Bose Pen15

  4. That’s an A-10 turbine blade. I posted a similarly a few days ago

  5. He is the first leader since Mao to take a 3rd term. A rule every leader since Deng XiaoPing has followed since they know the dangers of one man leading a country for too long. Also, EVERY PAGE of all Chinese newspapers is required to have a quote of “Xi’s thought.” He also requires all government employees read his book.

  6. Under Xi, Chinese citizens, have—for the first time—seen their quality of life decline. I’m not surprised that their are protests in the streets.

  7. I’ll bet $100 Xi received a western mRNA vaccine.

  8. Just like all of the republicans in my country who opposed them

  9. They’re going to have to deal with the surge just like the rest of us. They were dumb to think they could avoid it

  10. Lovely place. My moms family is from a town a couple hours away. You can see the Zugspitze there, the tallest mountain in Germany

  11. Yeah, just recently bought in Rochester. Wonderful home for $170k that would have been 300k-$400k easily in most the rest of country but we’re gonna be looking at $7k in property taxes every year

  12. I can’t speak to your situation. I feel like we may have had a more difficult baby than some others on this sub but this is definitely something we could not have done at four months. Our baby was still waking up three times a night at that age to feed—couldn’t do that to grandparents.

  13. Are you kidding me you uneducated freak! You have democrats voting for men to get vaginas and children to have sex changes at the age of 5. All dems want is free food and money.. lazy losers

  14. ☝️This is your mind on conservative propaganda

  15. Even if this man loses, which I truly hope he does, he has to be Georgia’s biggest embarrassment, aside from Marjorie Taylor Greene of course. How is this even a contest? It’s mind boggling the level of stupidity for someone to hear this man speak and say,” yeah, this is who will accurately represent us in the Senate!”

  16. What grew up in rural southwest Georgia. I left 20 years ago but, based on the absolute garbage that I see posted on Facebook from some of my high school classmates, it may be even more systematically and proudly ignorant than before…and I don’t even know how that’s possible…

  17. Yes. They did sell a bunch of them. One of the aerial firefighting companies just bought 3 of them for spares and they just flew to their home airport from where they were stored. Most of them were EOL, but a lot of them did their last letter check on 2019.

  18. I’ve seen posts on the other flying clubs showing how they can be had for less than 10 million. But they’re horrible on gas and maintenance

  19. Interested to see what we got out of the deal

  20. He said he’s been treated for a anti-semitism of his eye

  21. Today was a joyous day. This post was right under the original. Legendary OP

  22. The song Keenan Thompson sings in the What’s Up With That? SNL skit

  23. lolol I don't know what you're talking about but will be googling this immediately

  24. I have a friend who just delivered twins via “natural” birth after having a C section with their first.

  25. If I had to guess it's more about the infrastructure the US provides. Data and info, space assets, logistics, sophisticated and highly pro training and support.

  26. This is exactly it. I was reading an article in the new issue of Foreign Policy and they pretty much said as much.

  27. Pax Americana is real and our investments in building an American world order are paying off handsomely

  28. While it’s not ideal for one country being a determiner of world events, one cannot deny that the world is becoming more and more polarized between the west and China (and Russia). For all of its faults, I’d rather be living under a US world order that is at least based on liberalism and democracy (even if it sometimes fails at its own mission) than one centered on China and Russia that is unabashedly centered on authoritarianism

  29. Do you know what led to it going dormant?

  30. Just not the right time for the developer I guess. We do lots of these little feasibility studies before anything concrete happens

  31. Interesting. Fingers crossed a project like that comes out here and goes to completion.

  32. Taxes are cheaper out on Long Island than westchester. Also the suburbs are newer and, how to say…less charming. So I could see it happening on LI before WC.

  33. You’re asking this question as if you’re traveling to a small town with 3 bars. Trying to find a bar that ISNT showing the World Cup is going to be a challenge

  34. Hell the cafeteria inside my office has been streaming the World Cup all day since it started…

  35. Usually authoritarians make their own countries shitholes. So those wealthy enough leave or spend as much time outside of the country to enjoy a better life

  36. You're going to be a stranger taking kids to sleepover somewhere else... by plane?

  37. Please don’t tell me OP will take them to his island in the Caribbean

  38. BMW did the same thing with the seat heater subscription, and before that tesla with the range extender and self driving mode unlock for hardware that was already in the car. they are testing the waters to see what their consumer base will let them away with.

  39. The kind of people that buy these cars will happily pay. It’s a point of pride for them.

  40. When you are fighting for your homeland, you fight to the last.

  41. This is why Russia will never win in Ukraine

  42. didn't putin say he would stop sending oil & gas to any country that legislated a price cap on imports?

  43. But if he stops he won’t get any money. He’ll probably have to bite his tongue and accept the price cap because his whole economy is petroleum.

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