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  1. Moves consisted of shorting the market in SQQQ and then once it looked oversold a few days ago, bought DRN to ride the housing market up a few days.

  2. Try it for a couple of years before you start to make plans.

  3. Why would Chammath want to help fund companies at reasonable valuations when he can wait.

  4. This is stupid lol. Almost anyone at B4 spends 2 years at staff and then senior 3rd year. This person obviously never worked at B4.

  5. Nah mate, even the worst make it up to senior. Post that then there’s a bit of push to the door if you suck.

  6. At a high level, the incremental $200k per year is only about and additional $100k per year after tax. Ballpark.

  7. That was poor decision without something already lined up or without a good set of experience or a good network.

  8. OP posts charts and expects us to understand what they are trying to say to us.

  9. Nice. Supreme Court Justices making it up as they go along to conform to a predetermined belief they already held.

  10. Obama has to take some of the blame here when he allowed Congress to take away his ability to appoint a justice.

  11. Why do say that. This place is full of successful traders.

  12. offcourse the sixers don't want him lmao why did Harden partially leave you think?

  13. Theirs a lot of teams that could use his basketball impact only but the clippers IMO aren't one of those teams. They would have to give up a lot of assets to free cap space and the depth would end up depleeted. The clippers have two stars that both play two ways, add the depth of the team to that and you would only need your stars healthy!

  14. The Clippers aren't going to be able to do a sign and trade.

  15. Tbh last year was fun. Arguably the worst roster in the league and still kept fighting. Hopefully the Pistons are better tho haha

  16. Yeah record and experience is obvs in bams favour, I thought it was kinda telling in the heat Celtics series though when a 15-10-4 stat line was considered a standout game for bam. But I guess matchups are important and also agree that bam is a better teammate in terms of spacing and setting out other shots

  17. He was playing against the Celtics without a full contingent.

  18. Not ever answer is black and white. Was genuinely curious. Also obviously bam had more points when he was an all star and ayton was a rookie. Talking about last season where ayton became a key piece, he averaged more points on better efficiency. I do agree that bam is better defence, spacing and setting up shots for teammates. Will be interesting to come back in a couple years time, I feel like ayton is going to end up being a consistent 25-10-5 guy

  19. Buying a first rounder will cost 20+ mill unless you add a player. Don’t think the lakers would sacrifice a good role player for bronny

  20. Would you take a Darvin Ham sandwich and a slightly used THT?

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