1. I had a very similar experience long ago and this post is validating as many"friends" told me he was just being "romantic". 🙃 I'm so sorry you experienced that, the moment you realize you might die very soon is a traumatic experience that will break you. I never look at the world the same way. Fuck your ex too. Hope he got what's coming to him.

  2. You are very lucky to be alive. I'd hope that the man wasn't a real cop and that the badge was fake. But the way the officer at the servo acted - not letting you check the camera, getting defensive about not being believed, not actually filing a report - suggests that he was covering for another cop. Pretty terrifying.

  3. So he gave you a sob story and you ate it up? What the hell was the point of the original post If you're just calling everyone who's telling you to do actually do something about it assholes? If getting doxxed isn't enough for a 1 star what is? And why the fuck is he selling $2k items online if he is this scared of getting scammed to the point of doxxing you? It's malicious and dangerous, sellers like that should not be around.

  4. Exactly and like doxxing is a real crime. You really think forgiving the apology of somebody who *doxxed* you is going to stop them from pulling in more info to expose?

  5. Am I the only one that thinks his response is not the truth? Sounds like a candid empathy-provoking response so that you don’t leave a bad review.

  6. No you are not. I'm confused because it seems like obvious social engineering and the fact Op seems not that bothered by an actual crime makes the whole story seem fake to me. How would you own a business and be chill with somebody literally doxxing you to your company?

  7. That was my first introduction to “palmetto bugs” when I moved from NY to FL for school. I was in the shower, and one decided to fly from wherever it was to my CHEST to say welcome!

  8. This! There's also a huge discrepancy between what is well known (even amongst general practitioners) and how these things are.

  9. I worked in insurance for a very short period before quitting because I couldn't handle being pressured by numbers to be as chipper as possible while I break the news that my company was about to ruin your life.

  10. I hate how people like you expect everybody to respond to even the most fucked up situations in a calm and cool manner like we’re all the Buddha. Everybody’s just supposed to take it on the chin and keep on walking and if you yell or scream or break a phone you have a “problem”.

  11. Makes me think of people blaming the victim in abusive relationships for being the imperfect victim.

  12. The amount of people saying LIB would have filmed if they went out anywhere else is just wild....ALL reality shows have no camera/downtimes. Even The Bachelor and Love Island, who have cameras everywhere, have no filming times, especially at the end of a long day.

  13. Were/are you in the industry? I'm curious if you were/are because it's so interesting to hear from the other side. Anyhow, I'm sure there's A LOT going on that the viewers aren't aware of, that led to the behavior of a lot of the people on the show (especially editing things to make the story look a certain way). That's part of my issue with some of the people on these subs.

  14. I worked in the industry for a brief time a looooong time ago and have friends still in it, but sadly, most of my knowledge embarrassingly comes from watching reality shows and following the aftermath on sites like reddit. Between all the MTV shows and TLC and now Netflix, there's a ton (decades) of tea and BTS stuff. Also, Unreal (TV series) was written by a former Bachelor producer and some of the stories were ripped directly from experience.

  15. Wow, so interesting still! I'm not sure what Unreal is, do you mean some of it's stories are based on stuff that happened on screen or off screen? I was convinced up until about halfway thru season 2 of this show that they were all actors going off of a sort of script, but then I made a mean joke about one of them and I'm pretty sure the actual person commented, seeming pretty hurt. That's when I* (hit send too early) realized this might be for real.

  16. That may be true in some industries, but I work in the type of field where it would be unusual to have more than a few applications outstanding at any time.

  17. I agree, and I didn't use to. I'm applying in the design field. Writing a cover letter gives me a chance to use my skills to elaborately design my template (and show the company how I could design theirs). It also gives me a chance to introduce myself to them. There are ways to show your skills from the cover letter. Although I think it depends on the field, I wouldn't see how one would be necessary for an engineering type job.

  18. What you’re referring to is closer to a portfolio sample I think. Generic cover letters like “Hi, my name is x, I am applying to your posted position y, I possess z years of experience performing these duties” are dumb, and are all addressed within the resume itself.

  19. Long-winded answer, but I promise it's not negative or arguing, just explaining myself some more.

  20. Whenever someone brings up unfavorable behavior of yours, do you call them triggered?

  21. It must be hard not to want to read what people have to say about you after being thrust into the spotlight in such a bizarre way. No good will come of it though, I hope they can realize. Ultimately we don’t know them so our opinions don’t matter. No I am not one of them I just feel like the conversations have gone a bit too far sometimes.

  22. I genuinely worry for the well-being of the contestants. Being in a scenario where you marry someone you've known less than a couple months on tv seems really screwy. Why couldn't it end with engagement? The marriage aspect kills it for me because they will act way more out of character due to the stress (terror) of marrying someone you don't know at all and could possibly be a bad match.

  23. I just finished Love is Blind Japan, and it felt a lot kinder and safer for the contestants. I can't say it didn't have some issues too, because it did, but it still was a lot nicer all-around. The after the altar bit was focused on the positives everyone got out of the experience rather than people bashing other people.

  24. I think we have all learned a lesson here… keep us updated on the blister! Hopefully there won’t be one

  25. Even if you talk about Bartise people turn it into shit about Z and C. This sub is less enjoyable than the show, which I thought was impossible to top.

  26. Now this is what’s annoying!! Like we finally get a good post escaping them and boom there they are lol ugh! Can’t wait for this to die down

  27. What about when she sabotaged his relationship with Julie? And when she sabotaged his relationship with Bonnie? And when she tried to sabotage Joey's relationship with Charlie? And when she forbade Ross from dating while she was pregnant but had no problem going out with other guys while Ross was taking care of Emma?

  28. Yes. That's what I said, if you reread my comment. Together they were awful, but apart, Rachel didn't treat her other boyfriends like shit whereas Ross was kind of a nightmare. Could you imagine being in Emily's position? Holy fuck, that shit it triggering.

  29. Every example I gave was from when they weren't together, but if you need more... How about the way she treated Joshua? Using him as a tool to make herself feel better because Ross was moving on with his life. Or what about Gavin, who she hid from Ross because she refused to have an adult conversation with him.

  30. You are incredibly determined to defend Ross, lol. Maybe get off the internet and go for a walk or something.

  31. dude this is called gaslighting. LEAVE FAST. he will cheat on you and then turn around and somehow make you the bad guy...which is literally what he's doing now.

  32. He's not treating his ADHD if he expects you to do everything for him. I mean it's good to support him but he's gotta do SOMETHING on his own. Part of ADHD treatment is commitment to a routine. That doesn't mean quitting the moment you forget, but trying again and again until it's a daily thing. He doesn't seem to be doing any of that.

  33. I read this from right to left in a way. World reserved following seven of coins, you will not see the healing and rewards (world) until you do the work (7of pents), which is being your own biggest supporter and sponsor, standing your ground (7 of wands).

  34. I don’t mean this in an really insensitive way, but do you think Britney is on a cocktail of drugs? An addict? She just seems like a different person these days

  35. This is exactly what I was thinking. She has a dazed, bizarre look in her eyes and overall behavior of someone very lost in addiction. 🙁

  36. Thank you!! :) I just always see posts on here with just stunningly immaculate rooms. But I also saw that post about not seeing many posts anymore. I really like this sub, so I bit the bullet and contributed. Thanks to kind comments like yours, I’m glad I did now. I hope I have encouraged other more amateur room decorators to post as well!

  37. Those stunningly immaculate rooms are boring and don't look liveable. They should be on the interior design sub. I come here to see cute, cozy, liveable spaces and this did just that!

  38. Thank you! And I’ll totally check that out, thank you! I’ve heard

  39. Oooo absolutely! They're all great don't get me wrong. I still love the crisp, on display interior design posts, but I look at them as art and not as living spaces.

  40. I agree with you about the ending, but the "explanation" narrations also bugged me - I would've been much happier with a magical realism angle like Groundhog Day, where they have this happen and just don't explain how because there's no way to know.

  41. I know I'm way late to this thread but I just watched it and this is what bugged me. I would have been cool with science explanation OR magical realism but this story seemed to me like it wasn't sure which way to go and kind of stepped on both paths without any certainty.

  42. So from my reply you got that I don't want to learn about things? Lol mmmk Well as a mixed woman myself, I think that generalizing men as awful and generalizing women as incredible is laughable. Especially placing the likes of Zanab with women like Deepti and Natalie... You don't seem like someone that has good judgment so im not going to explain myself anymore.

  43. Erm... yeah Cole was wrong but you're acting like Zanab wasn't awful? Or Jessica? Or Shayna? Plenty of awful women as well. Not a gender thing at all lol

  44. They aren't the women I'm talking about (well Zanab was pretty cool, she deserves better). I'm talking moreso about Deepti, Natalie, Zanab etc women being humiliated by very immature men on screen but somehow they still chose them. It's exhausting and so much of that already exists off screen, why doi want to see it on a show when I want to escape life.

  45. I live on St Thomas which isnt a state, but a territory. 82 degree weather, drive on the left side, no matter which way you drive you get to a beatiful beach. The con is... no matter which way you drive, it leads you to a fucking beach.

  46. Ideally she should've told you she was in an open relationship from the outset - keeping that from you was, imo, not great behaviour and might be a red flag regarding her ability to communicate. Communication and the informed consent of all parties is kind of a crucial aspect of any kind of poly or open relationship, it's how you stop the drama happening.

  47. AITA for flying to London to tell my ex I love him on his wedding day?

  48. Joey: WIBTA for dating my best friends' ex "6 years" after they broke up?

  49. As said in other comments, aside the Sun Conjunct Moon and Venus Conjunct Mars (edit not Mars but Moon), the Moon Conjunct Mars and Mars Conjunct Pluto are especially related to a sexual connection with an intense emotional intimacy.

  50. Isn't the orange persona Venus conjunct their own Mars? Op's Mars and Venus do not seem conjunct the other person's personal planets, unless my eyes are screwy.

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