1. Why do people say this? Titans are regenerating monsters who can only be permanently killed by destroying the napes of their necks.

  2. Give an example of 5 universes that will struggle with titans

  3. Not even ordinary high frequency sounds. A specific frequency is required

  4. Then why make a post if you can read it clearly? Blind ass

  5. Can you me how many digits are in 1973963739363949637 in less than 5 seconds

  6. Yeah Behemoth titan got neutered. Well, neutered again. Since Bungie still apparently thinks it's fine that they massively nerfed Glacial Quake's mobility at the same time they nerfed it's DR to the worst of any roaming super.

  7. Ain’t no way glacial quake is the worst roaming super. Can even make it work on pvp

  8. I was a shadebinder who NEEDED elemental shards for my Ager's and Mantle of Battle harmony build. It worked so much better with it

  9. Omni man picks up japan and flies it I into space, maybe throws the entire country into the sun for good measure.

  10. Ketchkiller looks great on my male Exo warlock

  11. My guy you’re greatly mistaken if you think his powers are magnetism…especially not at his peak. At his peak he has control over fundamental forces of the universe, you know the things that keep atoms together

  12. Seen it, don’t see any feats that would make him beat Tatsumaki. She’s faster and his hax abilities never worked on someone above Building level

  13. I think the joke is about the cups of tea equivalent!

  14. Hasn’t Marvel already (and have the tech to do) done this during the incursions?

  15. You’ve made 40,000 images and you consider them all soulless? Why then did you not stop at say 1,000 images?

  16. I know it’s comics Ultron. The Gravemind is OP though, it has turned AI to its side multiple times before, including Forerunner AI. Again, it’s weird because comparing brain power isn’t exactly easy, but Ultron should be comparable to a smart AI in Halo (albeit a very strong one), given that it was created similarly to Cortana. That means it should be vulnerable to the same kinds of attacks smart AI in Halo are. Hell, even in terms of capabilities, Ultron is very similar to Cortana, her whole created thing is remarkably similar to Ultron’s whole shtick.

  17. Comparable to a smart AI? At base Ultron is an Avengers level threat (All avengers need to team up to beat him) if left unchecked he can go galactic level. He has taken (not hacked, straight up took over) a galaxy spanning civilisation of technopaths. Not to mention him being able to come back whenever he feels like it

  18. The words are not exact synonyms. Utilization/utilizes indicates a use beyond original intent of the noun.

  19. And then there’s flammable and inflammable being so close to meaning the same thing

  20. Batman has been voiced/played by dozens if not hundreds of different actors. Zavala has only ever been Lance. I totally get what you're saying and the comparison you're drawing, but it's a little different IMO

  21. I didn't, because they're just acolytes. DR + crowd control abilities made them not really a threat. The sword bearers took a few rockets, luckily dares is the one mode that gives you infinite heavy ammo :)

  22. As long as you have two thumbs and a brain, you'll be able to do legend dares. If you can't handle the harder mode, then standard version is there for you. It's not difficult, don't go into legend if you can't handle it and go to a more appropriate difficulty.

  23. New kickstart mods are kinda crazy when built right, pair that with like 3 bombers and you’ll always have 2 turrets up.

  24. That's because Titans don't really have a viable super anymore. Crash just got nerfed. It still does the burst damage sure. But without being able to stay up as long and travel as far, Cuirass just got a backhanded nerf.

  25. Let me get this straight, you think thundercrash is bad now because…they lowered the height and damage come around it? Like do you orbit the boss like four times before landing or something

  26. Oh nooo not thundercrash dropping you sooner. I’m sure that’ll be meaningful anywhere at all

  27. Titan mains when they can’t fly from one side of a crucible map to the other side to kill someone

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