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  1. Wait so you’re complaining about reality warping when Saitama can reverse time and propel himself to light speed with a fart. Isn’t that kinda hypocritical?

  2. I could feel the helplessness of the Warlock through the screen. The stupid rift animation makes you inanimate

  3. It is. The boss only makes it this far alive when my Rocket Launcher Ammo Finder refuses to fucking find anything for the entire latter half of the strike

  4. Why use outbreak though? Why not use arblest? Same slot and one has intrinsic anti barrier. I’m not saying you can’t use whatever you want, just find it weird you chose outbreak

  5. Unlimited ammo. Running double primary's drops more heavy ammo. Anti barrier mod doesn't really take up a slot that can be used for something more beneficial.

  6. Fair enough, can’t really comment seeing as I use the infinite ignitions build

  7. What exactly did they do against it? I heard it a few times, but can’t you still just peek with a sword normally?

  8. Like 10% of my time in pve is dismantling blues and picking up engrams

  9. You don’t understand, silver surfer was bull rushing Thanos the way you want frieza to do. Thanos caught him and taught him a lesson

  10. I highly doubt it. Kratos has killed primordial entities that enable creation, and can close inter-dimensional rifts with his bare hands. He's a universe-level powerhouse.

  11. You fucking win ok? I'm fucking tired of the "He killed gods, he's universal now" argument. It's bs and I'm not talking to someone who believes that because there's no fucking argument besides "All gods in fiction are totally as strong as eachother" even if proven otherwise, all you motherfuckers keep that argument and say "Kratos is multiversal" with no proof, I mean if we excepted that all gods/everyone called a god in fiction is as strong as eachother then do you think Kratos could kill Dr Manhattan? Or Beerus? Or TOBA?

  12. This is bs. Next you’ll tell me all the Zeus’ in fiction can’t be used interchangeably to make my argument sound plausible. Marvel Zeus = GoW Zeus. If anyone thinks otherwise they’re lowballing. Also Kratos is RealWorldVersal because he’s killed Gods

  13. Does Mr fantastic get prep time on them or have any contingencies?

  14. Admittedly I know Sentry is top teir of marvel but besides world war hulk I personally haven't read too much of him so didn't want to throw the name around without being able to back it up. But those powers sound as awesome as they are broken and would more than level the playing field for him so yeah agree huge driving force for a marvel win.

  15. Yh he also had some PIS about beating (a weakened?) molecule man in controlling…molecules

  16. Need to take into account Garou can blitz almost all the big hax users such as Wanda or Strange.

  17. Round 1: Basically Saitama vs mimic with saitama’s stats and powers + other mutants.

  18. I wonder if the other mutants in round 1 can copy mimic copying saitama???

  19. Hang on, does Honed Edge x20 actually work?

  20. I would say for starters the source/the presence. Mere guardians of the source are able to basically no diff deities like Perpetua. Perpetua created the whole DC multiverse.

  21. In all honesty, people scale him to skyfather, but I get way. Yes, Thor was old, but age doesn't mean anything when your an all-father. I think Odin was older or the same age as King Thor at the time when he fought Thanos and Galactus, and he was still kicking ass. I think Gorr was just that powerful. But whether he's more powerful than Zeus or not is up for debate. Zeus and Shazam here are both essentially skyfathers(since Shazam defeated a Skyfather and has the power of one) and Superman would be around present Thors power level.

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