What’s wrong with Joe Biden?

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  1. I don't understand how humans can treat each other like that. You killed his family, made him see their bodies, and then shot him. This is the next level of insanity.

  2. It adds some cheer to the cold, dark winter. No one wants to take them down in -20. And who cares about some superstition

  3. Mate this guy was posting about Toronto it’s basically tropical there worst they get is 0

  4. Mate, he's asking about all of Canada. Toronto isn't the center of the universe

  5. yeah, it's easy to say I'm struggling on the veteran as a new player. Japan has taken the British Raj, Germany has nearly taken the Soviet Union, but hey we still have Ireland :)

  6. It’s in a new hope tho? Tarkin walks in the room and says the emperor has dissolved the senate. Same scene where Vader finds somone’s lack of faith disturbing.

  7. Because the goal isn’t for the shuttle to escape. Kylo is trying to stress Rey out and get her to slip towards the darkside. Kylo has demonstrated multiple times that he doesn’t care for the well being of his subordinates.

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