1. The brick on St James. Salesman made a comment on how I wasn’t wearing many clothes, but should be wearing even less. It was summertime, +30° out, so I was wearing jean shorts and a regular tank top. Immediately left. He knew he fucked up. I called to complain, was offered a $1000 store credit that I refused because I did not want to go back, and buddy lost his job. Haven’t been back since and it’s been 9 years.

  2. Did he really post this ugly ass shit displaying controlling behaviour as if womens bodies didn’t become the target of white mans control again today? What in the actual tone deaf fuck

  3. This sub really takes a subtle joke an runs with it - regardless of who she is, this is just a cute joke not her stating a fact.

  4. Aww man. Looks like he just got someone who placed it in the wrong spot and inadvertently gave him a brow lift. Unless that’s what he wanted? But lots of dudes are getting Botox these days. Whatever makes them happy, hopefully this is what he wanted, and if not, it’ll go away in the next few months at least lol.

  5. “Someone” would be his wife lol she’s an injector

  6. A lot of women really struggle with vaginal problems and have no idea where to seek info. It’s like being a migraine sufferer, but nobody talks about it. So I feel as if her sharing her experiences is quite helpful to a lot of women. I personally have two friends who experience chronic yeast infections and/or UTI’s and this would be a great resource for them. At the end of the day, the vagina and everything along with it are body parts that 50% of the population have and it shouldn’t be so taboo or gross to talk about. I commend her for speaking about her experiences because although her issues aren’t the “norm”, a lot of women still do sit outside the “norm” and would benefit from knowing they’re not alone and has someone they can look to for recommendations they may not have thought of.

  7. Find someone who can support your goals. Let them know this is what you want and choose to do, it’s important to you, and the right person will say “let’s fuckin go.”

  8. Sorry, but how many people are murdering 14 whole ass people with a fucking kitchen fork in a mass kitchen fork attack? What is wrong with this woman? Show me the stats on chemical warfare. Show me multiple people murdered at the super market with a fucking bow. What planet is this dipshit on?

  9. Welcome back! You’ve awakened from your slumber from underneath your rock 😂 Yes. They rebranded. New name, but apparently the same old shit.

  10. Ah I see. That definitely makes sense! Would you say that it’s also easier to progressively overload good mornings that way?

  11. Yup, absolutely! Taking the stabilizers out of the equation keeps the core and back muscles from participating as much, which are smaller, therefore weaker muscles than the glutes and hamstrings, which is what I want to target specifically. Removing these stabilizers isn’t a concern since I train core (not obliques) and back separately.

  12. She looks great! But that last pic lol. Everyone who flails their arms that much looks like a praying mantis.

  13. My posing coach says no chicken arms, we aren’t trying to fly away. So now that’s all I see

  14. Unpopular opinion: I think this is hilarious and I would totally wear it because it’s so dumb. I hate the word dumpy, but I love the white and pink and wear many things just because they’re so cringy and that’s what makes me like them HAHA

  15. I haven’t watched any of the mic’d up videos. Do they include their huffing and puffing and grunting? 😂

  16. A lot of hate on “posing” for photos as if we don’t all pose, what a woman chooses to do with her body whether it’s surgery or PEDs, and saying their gym fit is “ugly” is all very dumb, immature snark and I don’t think belongs here. We wanna see actual problematic people with shitty business practices, photoshopping, misleading their audience, etc., not act like some knock off bottom of the barrel Daily Mail antics.

  17. I can’t phantom buying any products from this girl. Especially not stuff that goes near my eye area.

  18. I am once again begging you to make your own. They taste better and you can make them exactly how you want.

  19. I’m stuck on the part after bake 8-9 min. Is this for topping? I’m so confused but I wanna make these!

  20. SORRY. Usually baking instructions come before ingredients instructions. So after all ingredients are mixed, you’ve chosen your mix-ins (up to 2 cups), chosen what the stuff the cookie with, and topped your cookies, THEN bake for 8-9 minutes. You can choose to put your toppings on immediately after you take the cookies out of the oven for “prettier” cookies or just do it all in one shabang. Some toppings are susceptible to browning though, like cookies and cream bars. Those you can put on immediately after removing from the oven so they stay pretty.

  21. My white boyfriend’s white dad is a Chinese herbalist 💀

  22. What leg thing? This is a standard bikini front pose, sans heels. This is how they stand on stage.

  23. I think OP is referring to the knee of back leg pointing more forward? Not sure though

  24. Leg angle/placement varies from person to person based off of proportions and structure. It’s still a standard bikini front pose and almost all bikini competitors use this one.

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