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  1. Taken about five loops before I can process how she survived in such great shape. Jeez

  2. Simply do not buy high priced games and be patient. You know there will be dlc or expansions added if you wait a couple years you get more for less money.

  3. Games have been $60 for decades. They really should be higher. I'm not telling you to pay hundreds of dollars to EA, but you should be willing to pay more money for the games that deserve it.

  4. Everyone forgets bullies act like victims when they get caught.

  5. Everyone also forgets that those videos where creeps and pedophiles get their shit kicked in at a school are usually just kids getting bullied. That's how most bullying works these days: change the story and post the video online.

  6. Gotta be careful running the sf750 w a fan swap though. According to jonnyguru you shouldn't run it higher than 500w or your power supply could overheat. The noctua 92mm fan isn't a 1:1 replacement for the stock fan in the sf750, it's considerably worse at moving air. Pretty sure jonnyguru doesn't recommend swapping the fan out in any case, but if you insist on keeping it make sure your overall system usage is low and definitely make sure the power supply fan isn't blocked by anything.

  7. 2 basic issues to consider really, lower cfm and higher start-up duty cycle. on 40mm fans startup duty cycle is 55% So say on a 12v fan it will not spin till it reaches approx 6.5V. So depending on voltage/load/thermal map of the psu it may not spin at all under low loads. Net result is running warmer at lower loads. Don't know exactly what it would be on 92mm fans but this is to do with the bearing tech they use. This also limits their ability in not being able to offer high rpm/cfm fans.

  8. All true. I personally prefer the light spray paint coat on my power supply fan. I feel like I get all the upsides of the stock fan with a better color.

  9. Unplugging a 24 pin is literal nightmare fuel

  10. I grab it like handle, press the release latch with my index finger, and then tilt the 24 pin down like I'm swinging a handle downwards. If you try to pull the 24 pin straight out you fight the friction of all the pins at once, when you tilt you release a few pins at a time making it much easier.

  11. Probably gigabyte turbo 3080 10g, it's a blower style. 267mm length 111mm height 40mm wide.

  12. OMG I think that one might actually fit! It’s one millimeter longer than the max gpu length Silverstone claims will fit, but I could probably still force it in there.

  13. Do people really spend like 20 hours in just limgrave? I might be missing stuff but I usually don’t spend just 20 hours in limgrave

  14. No sff case is a good fit for that card tbh. You can technically do it in an h2o, but it's a little janky and I haven't done it first hand so I have no idea how the aio tubes handle that kind of stress.

  15. You won't have to do any power limiting or undervolting if you are using the 12600k for only gaming. The 12600k uses less than 100w in game and a u9-s can handle way more than that.

  16. What is genuinely interesting is that she can still move her lip far enough to stick her tongue out with all of that botox.

  17. Mineral oil is straight up not good at moving heat. It has a high thermal capacity, but not a good thermal transfer. It's also hard to move around a lot. If you want to do anything with mineral oil, treat it as an experiment and not a long term alternative.

  18. This uperfect 1600p monitor is pretty good. Ghosting is pretty bad at full refresh rate, but it you change the refresh rate to 100mhz it's pretty crisp.

  19. Don't do it. We have seen 4 whining chipset fans in the past month from the strix x570i. Am4 is only worth it price wise if you already have a motherboard you really should consider moving to alder lake or raptor lake.

  20. Well I already have a 2600x cpu an a 2060 gpu which is why I was leaning towards am4

  21. Ok thats fair. Just a warning on x570i. I have had two strix motherboards that have been fine, but a lot of failure rates have come through lately. I would consider trying to find the strix b550i since the chipset fan can be controlled in the bios unlike the x570i variant. Or alternatively the gigabyte b550i would be a good choice since it has no fans.

  22. How the fk are you using the sf750 with the 13900k and 4090 when my sf750 couldn't do a 13700k with a RTX 3090 (now 4090) wtf

  23. I hope you don’t believe your going to actually have any chance cooling a 13900k with a 280mm AIO? Because your absolutely insane if you think that’s going to happen.

  24. LOL this is adorable. You have no recourse here, if they suspect you of cheating the best case scenario is that you get a 0 on that assignment

  25. Yeah, they accuse you and a whole bunch of other people. Eventually when they find out how unreliable the models are they will pull the plug on the whole thing. You won't gain anything by admitting that you used chat gpt. Deny deny deny. There might be a way to detect it in the future, but it doesn't exist right now. In the meantime there will be a shit storm over this since tons of people are going to be accused regardless of whether they used chat gpt at all.

  26. OK I think a lot of you are misinterpreting what I'm saying so I'll spell it out for you.

  27. Why is the screen still on in the second panel?

  28. A good question, hopefully we will find out soon. I would bet on hardware canucks putting out a video soon, they seem to love be quiet! products. Their itx videos have gotten pretty good recently.

  29. 13500 should be great, waiting for benchmarks and reviews to come out before I pull the trigger.

  30. Kind of need it though. It's more functional for game play so you can actually tell where you're being shot from.

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