1. i swear i've bet on the yankees -1.5 all 21 times they've won by 1

  2. He needed that check to pay his credit card bill and then use the remainder to deposit back to bovada. lol

  3. Hey I’m kind of new to the boosts, if you send me one will i earth m earn an additional boost? I only had one and i sent it how do i earn more?

  4. it really helps if your struggling or whatever the case may be but it’s super clutch

  5. Received and sent back. Thanks! Next month if you wanna just automatically send to me on the 1st of the month I’ll send back to you

  6. Pls tell me you have some left I have 3 and literally no ones trading with me lol

  7. Chicago Bulls money line please be good to me 🙏🏾

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