1. These poor children. I think people underestimate how hard a broken home can be for a child. Sometimes it’s unavoidable but this is reckless.

  2. Kody cried and hugged him and not many of his kids. Telling.

  3. Zillow grossly overestimates my house, jussayin'. I trust Redfin's estimates more.

  4. Zillow is the worst. During the pandemic they bought up ton of properties everywhere like NC, TN, etc to resell immediately at sometimes more than triple the price. It ended up almost bankrupting them because after the initial wave of rich city folks bought what they wanted many of the properties stayed on the market as they were way overpriced. They were bailed out and I hate them forever now. My zillow story lol

  5. This looks amazing. Can't really imagine the taste but would I order this yes.

  6. Ahhh yes, please tell me my bright future self proclaimed basic witch. Damn he has a type.

  7. These accents and infliction differences are quite interesting.

  8. He did a criminal act and you can move upon that as you wish. If I were you I'd want anyone allowing reckless gun use in my own home out roommate or not.

  9. I love a good snark, but damn this is just depressing to me. This poor kid has seen too much and been harden so young. What a shame.

  10. Idk isn't this par for the course in Polygamy. I never understood the shock value as Robyn was clearly going to be a wife. The "religion" is weird but having multiple wives I'd assume these things would happen as they have "triplets" and such. He kissed her goodbye. I personally can't believe that when I first started binging the show during Covid I thought Polygamy seemed wholesome lol

  11. He's the worst type of man. Loves making children, has no intentions of raising any.

  12. I'm pretty sure the mom lost custody before even Doug and also has drug/prison issues.

  13. Yea between his druggie parents and Dougs messed up family that kid's only future was jail. Now with Rachel the sweet boy has a shot a great life. Not often do we see happy endings on this show but Doug going aways for like 40 years and Rachel and Dougie driving off into the sunset together def is one of them.

  14. Use pivot points. Plate in order. Standardize processes. Don’t blame FOH for lack of standards in the back.

  15. I truly do not think she has the capacity to work a “normal” job. Any slight sign of something she doesn’t like and it’s meltdown city. Not defending her for not trying to make money literally any other way but just saying I can’t imagine she would be a good employee.

  16. I’m so curious about how she was raised. Spoiled but they were in debt and they passed. She was banking on that money. I know people like that and then are shocked into avoidable poverty.

  17. Ugh the things he's already seen and the life he's destined for is a common story for poverty, not just race. So sad.

  18. These posts are getting annoying. If you can show the video to us so we explain to you how to describe it, you can simply show this video to your barber

  19. Annoyed that people on the sub "Hair" are asking what a hairstyle is called? Interesting choice in your use of negative energy lol

  20. Exactly! Her daughter was leaving and he didn’t say goodbye. He should have told his family that he could meet them later in the week. If I were her, I would get an annulment because this shows how much of a selfish dick he is.

  21. Random question but do both parties need to agree to an annulment?

  22. I recognized her immediately. I use to actually do that job and her haggard look is accurate and why I went corporate lol

  23. While I may not personally want to eat chocolate hummus, I also don't want people gatekeeping food by saying that experimenting with it is not "culturally appropriate".

  24. You’re a person who loves trending phrases huh. I bet everyone is gaslighting and too woke 🤣

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