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Swiss flag after Credit Suisse

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  1. TSLA will definitely increase over the next week

  2. Why TSLA gotta be up 3% instead of down 50% πŸ₯²

  3. That's a joke question, isn't it?

  4. Either you wait and hope that it will get better with the new IOS or you should reset your phone once and then put everything back on it. (The latter is quite time-consuming, but should help)

  5. TSLA will soon reach the $250 again

  6. I just bought PayPal for the first time that I think the stock is almost a gift at this price. If PayPal doesn't start rising again in the next few weeks, I'll lose faith in the market.

  7. Why do you all get so little? I get 1900-2000 every weekend.

  8. I've already been -50% at META, don't worry me that I'll fall back into the red

  9. This is definitely mine too, had goosebumps all over my body

  10. Steph is definitely more than alive, hope Klay and Pool are too.

  11. It definitely wasn't a dirty move, something like that can happen.

  12. I trust more in this dog than in Pool or game 6 Klay

  13. As long as Klay and Pool together make 30 points, I am fully satisfied

  14. The dog said it from the beginning Warriors in 7!!!

  15. Pool can soon build a house with his bricks, so it won't work

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