PTS Legacy/Hacked Weapons Megathread

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  1. "Actually she's a 2000 year old dragon so it's ok"

  2. bro this is real life what the fuck are you talking about 😭

  3. small low detail catgirl is giving me gender envy

  4. for a second i thought this was for breast cancer awareness lmao

  5. I haven’t seen this photo on this sub, I even checked to make sure. Are you sure you’re not thinking of

  6. i’ve definitely seen this specific image before, but it’s not that big a deal this is just reddit lol

  7. gdarm isn’t nearly as broken in doubles tho, although this would definitely make spout kyogre and caly-s way better lol

  8. lmao the bot account snagged an old ass post, cake smash is over dumb machine

  9. this is a bot post, this gets reposted really often word for word, and it’d not even the correct picture

  10. Im not sure what I’m looking at here. Ground meat cable?

  11. that is a homemade fleshlight lying on the ground. It’s a yellow rubber glove stuffed into a cup full of ground beef

  12. can we talk about how this 10 year old is fucking TEARING shit up at skateboarding events tho? like damn that’s impressive

  13. wtf did you do to get this comment removed lol

  14. (Note: I have been avoiding leaks and have no idea if either of these two are in SV.)

  15. they’re adding all the pokemon back in SV, they’re also adding legend plate arceus, giving toxapex judgement, and having sex with your dad

  16. the meltdown is glorious, bethesda’s finally doing things right. I do wish the silly legacies hadn’t gotten caught in the crossfire, but i think it is a price worth paying

  17. Seeing EGPs go is amazing, but this is also a sad day for everyone with the legacies that are just cool, like explosive pepper shakers or quad crossbows

  18. definitely seems like it could be really strong, but it would be interesting to see if it could make some less useful ghosts actually good, just don’t give it to anything actually strong lol, it’s basically teleport plus damage with no drawback

  19. Not sure if you’re seeing something I’m not, but Teleport has a different effect. This is a pseudo-trapping move, where if the opponent switches out they take damage. As the title says, it’s an “exit hazard”

  20. oh i’m fucking stupid yeah nvm about that part lol

  21. Water, fire, and electric all resist steel. The only Pokemon you’re beating with a gun is Jigglypuff.

  22. ok but pichu and squirtle also have terrible base stats and will die easily lol

  23. I’ve never really experienced cheating on Xbox, but that’s only me

  24. Xbox doesn’t have traditional cheaters, the closest thing you get is people using a mouse and keyboard, and maybe using a lag switch?

  25. Priority roots when the user is above 50%, I feel like that’s too much

  26. tbf, it had that in gen 6, and it was never really overpowering. Hell, it’s only ranked B on the ORAS viability chart, and that’s pre-nerf

  27. I honestly hate the people that run into events with explosive heavy weapons, it's just a pain in the ass for melee builds like me. I get that its effective, but when you get to a point where you can one shot everything, what's the point in playing?

  28. tbf, it’s not all explosive heavy weapons, just the energy ones. I use a foundation’s vengeance and while it’s pretty good, the explosion barely does any damage so it’s not like i’m clearing rooms or anything

  29. If you ever visit, there are plenty of nazare beaches with 'normal' size waves

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