1. Download the app Spot Hero and take a look to see if you can find something like that. If not, at least you can pre-book in a lot near your destination so you don’t have to worry about it being full when you get there.

  2. YS laser Canadian spa. I’m not dark skinned but their services are affordable and I get RF microneedling which is even more intense

  3. Wow, $160 per session? You can buy a professional micro needling device for $199 USD. That’s insane.

  4. If you’re AMAPCEO, when you convert to permanent you get your full vacation allotment for the year, so I believe 21 days total, at once. You’re lucky to be converting near the end of the year! Come January 1 2023 you will receive your full vacation allotment for 2023. I believe your vacation you accumulated as FXT transfers over as well but your sick days do not!

  5. You know it’s the OPS subreddit when people are telling you to report something so insignificant to your manager. Yes this will get downvotes but your manager won’t care. This has absolutely 0 overlap with your job, no matter what it is.

  6. My aim is to get to a level 6. Why would I go to mgmt and be expected to work overtime every week for free?

  7. There are many level 6s that have huge workloads since they are usually Team Lead positions.

  8. Analyst carries about as much as weight Senior. Job titles are so incredibly arbitrary that I've given up and just use classification.

  9. Howling that people are downvoting this. This sub is showing it’s true colours, just another pussy echo chamber where everyone is special and doing hard things = bad.

  10. Yeah we’re a bunch of pussies that’s why you don’t get us

  11. Never had an issue with height and I’m 5’10. Been with girls shorter, same height, and taller. I lowkey like taller girls with them long ass model legs.

  12. What do you suggest the government do? Jail them? Concentration camps?

  13. You have some valid points there, brother. I could understand maybe a once-in-blue-moon situation that might arise like this: you have plans together, and he backs out an hour or two before, because a girl he idolizes asked him out on a date or something very last second, obviously; he then texts you immediately and profusely apologizes, saying he will take you out to dinner or cover drinks the very next night your available, whenever that is, because he feels bad that he blew your night. Now, based on what you’ve told us already, none of that has happened lol. He is ditching you last minute for a low quality friend/mate/date, and expects you to understand. And you would, if it didn’t happen all the time or it happened exactly like I said it hypothetically might above, where he appeared sincerely sorry and was determined to make it up to you immediately.

  14. In prison, they assert dominance with anal. You do the math

  15. Dude is really advising people to use amphetamines lol

  16. That’s not worse than sticking a needle in your dick to get hard like he’s outlined in his post lol

  17. This may sound like simpish behaviour but I get that feeling, so every so often I actually take my FWB out on a proper date. Like dinner and drinks and shit. Idk but it feels better when you’re waiting to smash all night then finally get home and throw her ass onto the bed. Bit of a mental thing I guess. Delayed gratification and that.

  18. Do everything you can to learn about making money. You should prioritize that just as much as you prioritize the gym.

  19. How would I start , I opened a dropshipping company made zero sales lol

  20. Start reading. Learn about different investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, crypto, etc. Trust me, 10 years from now you’ll be so happy you learned and delved into this stuff at 18 rather than 28.

  21. Next time you plan on getting smashed, make sure you’re drinking water between the alcoholic stuff then finish the night with 1-2 cups of water. Eat something if you can before sleeping too. Yeah you’ll be pissing a lot but you’ll feel good in the morning.

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