1. there is no free will in islam. that's how fucked up it is. he makes you "sin" then punishes you for that.

  2. Yeah mistakes were made. lot of people fall for the "my partner is great" but don't consider the family.

  3. City of burndmozzerella in the middle. down to the left we got the vilage of tomato ..

  4. Yeah but in this instance the men in her family are giving her advice to repent. It’s not like he’s ignoring her “haram” behaviour

  5. hah you think it would be that easy? just say "yo girl don't do that" and it's enough? no you have to "enforce" it. if she doesn't listen and keep's doing whatever you go to hell. so you gotta make her, beat her up (lightly of course) I mean come on this is islam haha.

  6. don't be scared, don't be afraid you are not at fault, you did or doing nothing wrong. if you read the quran and hadiths with a shred of reasoning you see it is a total bullshit manmade thing.

  7. nice world building, would make a good movie I would think. but then you would be killed by hindu and muslim zealots.

  8. Her brain froze when he asked her why men don't cover their faces too.

  9. I can bet a fat stack none of these blokes have ever even analyzed the Quran, let alone the athar or the works of 'scholars' spanning over a millennia.

  10. makes totally sense. since all of the quran has been stolen from the other "books"

  11. And also since allah is all about kon fa ya kon, and he’s really nice and all that why doesn’t he make life, I don’t know, tolerable?

  12. No it doesn't. It's just a lie Muslim preachers repeat without any evidence. I see you haven't provided any either. You also haven't explained why only the Mayans witnessed this.

  13. mayans were allahs chosen folk in the americas. allah send a prophet to them too but mayans accidentally tossed him down the ziggurat.

  14. from a western academic perspective there is no fully reliable retellings of momos life.

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