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  1. The number of times I've had this happen is uncanny

  2. It's just Priming. You buy a car, and because it's on your mind you start noticing it. Because of recency bias, you think that there's more cars of that type on the road than before, when in reality the amount has stayed consistent.

  3. Well I had 4 teeth plucked out for my braces so isn't it just kind of the same? *I'm talking about the upper ones and not the bottom surgical ones.

  4. It's your life, make your choices, but I'm telling you, you won't want to run the day after surgery.

  5. Grrr. I don’t want to side with someone who flaps their alleged IQ around, but equally a “source I can’t reveal” stinks of idiocy at best and Qanon craziness at worst.

  6. I've noticed that too many people treat cats like they're dogs and then are surprised when the cat gets pissed. They are completely different animals with different social cues/needs.

  7. Exactly. How hard is it to respect another creature's boundaries when they don't want to be picked up or held?

  8. If that's so true, then what is Listerine for?

  9. I love cars, I love motorsports, but I don't think people should be forced to drive everyday if they don't want to. I'd also love high speed rail like Europe, Japan or China.

  10. The things I would DO for a high-speed national railway. I hate flying, taking a train sounds wonderful.

  11. Smoking so much that several joints in a day still doesn't get you high isn't drug addiction, true. It's a use disorder, which is basically the same thing except without the withdrawals.

  12. Man role-playing as a woman online, tale as old as time.

  13. Mine has not came back but I think very slowly it is healing ir you get used to it. Don't be scared you may totally be fine. Good luck!

  14. I hate to bug you all this time later, but did you ever get feeling back? I'm terrified that mine will last months.

  15. Okay but what's to say that the candy isn't just re-wrapped after being coated in dirt?

  16. Homosexuality is documented in just about every species that science has studied for an extended period of time. We don't really know why. However it's documented that penguins Sometimes reject an egg and when that happens a same gender couple will adopt it and raise it.

  17. At least for social species, homosexuality can be very helpful for the social scruture as a whole!

  18. Human compost existed since the very first human was buried.

  19. What's interesting is that these are the same criticisms leveled at modern cremation when it got it's start.

  20. What the fuck, you're telling me the shit in my ovaries can pop for no reason?? Why the hell didn't the doctor tell me this

  21. I think majority of the commenters here are really missing the context of this post. No one is saying that the world would be a utopian society, free from all crime, violence, and discrimination if men didn’t exist.

  22. Kindergarten age dance recitals can be very entertaining. The dancers are so tiny. They mostly have no idea what they are doing. It looks like the dance instructors (usually just out of the spotlights or at edge of dancers) are herding kittens. Lots of teeny people in fluffy costumes wandering around doing weird arm and/or leg motions. It's pretty hilarious and adorable. I wouldn't want to watch for more than maybe 30 minutes, though. The music can be awful.

  23. As someone who was involved with competitive children's dance, yeah this is exactly why we do it.

  24. Those verses are very specifically about consuming blood by mouth. JWs take it out of context.

  25. Why do the dudes all have different, unique body shapes, but the one woman has giant tits and a skinny waist?

  26. If you're short on space in common living spaces, let me suggest cat shelves. Cats love hanging around you and they love being up high, so carpet some sturdy shelves and stick them up where you spend most of your time.

  27. How can you claim to be for women when you call having kids "breeding"? You don't get to put other women down.

  28. There's no stigma around mothers, but there is around women who refuse to be mothers. Go ahead and have your children when you want to, but I don't feel like being a parent.

  29. The fuck are you talking about? I never said you should be one. But you also shouldn't dehumanizing mothers like that, that's fucked up.

  30. Hey baby, you remember how just a few seconds ago you took my giant metal murder machine that I use to drive you around, yeah that one that is constantly not used as the murder machine it was always meant to be.... Yeah baby, that was really bad and Im so disappointed in you for playing with my murder machine. You know you don't get dinner and are grounded... You can still snack though. And there's a TV in your room. But no phone, but here's you 3DS, Switch, and Laptop to play with instead. Youll learn form this baby, I know you will.

  31. Permissive parenting and not beating the shit out of your kids is two different things

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