1. "Dio è morto, con le auto prese a rate, dio è morto..."

  2. your hair is more damaged than the relationship with your ex husband

  3. he has short bangs, layers and probably a perm... but yeah his hair is awesome

  4. $2640 a month heck yah more than Im making rn

  5. I'm a guy and my haircare routine is more complicated than the one of many girls I know lol. I have long wavy hair and I use shampoo, conditioner, leave in cream, mousse and styling oil LMAO

  6. l'ho letteralmente già sentita su un YouTube short hahab

  7. It's like a "dejavu", you feel like you already did something but you don't remember when or how

  8. I don't think your sexual orientation would be anything that you MUST tell her at all costs. like, if you like women you go out with women. if you like men, likewise. if she's ever gonna ask you sure tell her, but I don't think it's something you should disclose before you try to date her

  9. sinceramente android è dai giorni delle versioni 6/7 che sta peggiorando. sempre più misure di "sicurezza" ovvero misure per non poter manomettere il cellulare a proprio piacimento, integrazione sempre più forte con le app Google che non sono open source (andando di fatto a screditare(anche se non invalidare) il vanto che Android da anni ha avuto), ma anche semplicemente l'interfaccia è peggiorata perché si sta passando sempre di più ad un minimalismo corporate style (lì è colpa dell'industria tech ma comunque). però sempre meglio avere poche libertà invece di nessuna, per questo continuerò ad usare android

  10. oh! I've used one of these when I was leaving my aunt's house in a small Abruzzese town to go back home. took the train to Pescara and then a freccia rossa.

  11. how cute! that is the dsl1 right? I have the DSL20. amazing piece of kit, especially when you factor in the price

  12. But then the tip shows as $0 on the app so no one will accept the order.

  13. The end of the line anyone?

  14. I wouldn't say the woman is at fault. if he wants to have a relationship while having another girlfriend, it's his problem and only his.

  15. use this money to pay for taxes, then you can use more of your money to pay for stuff you like.

  16. But you like your parents (presumably), so you wouldn't be able to spend money on them I'd argue...

  17. Kerry King was in Megadeth and Dave showed the the devils tritone

  18. the only time the second megadeth guitarist wasn't better than Dave

  19. lockdowns are useless and harmful, of course not

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