1. I can say there are multiple instances where I’ve been called ESTP or ISTJ when seeing multiple Typologists

  2. Just create a list with your favorite hobbies and do the top ones first

  3. Idk but the VAs for Kaguya and Emilia can cut down half the current roster

  4. Damn bro I expect you to look like a beast in the future, keep it up man

  5. I’m pretty sure the original webcomic went differently after this scene

  6. Time to confront boy, it’s either now or never have a decent relationship

  7. This show has really descended into 4/10 territory. I mean it was getting progressively worse from like ch70, but this is wildly bad recently

  8. I agree that this arc was one of the worst but the whole thing doesn’t deserve anything close to a 4

  9. Around an 8, I’ve talked to a certain friend about it and they didn’t like the concept of the plot being some revenge story so I thought an 8 would be the average Mal rating

  10. Aren’t you a little young to be getting into this type of stuff?- some Disney show

  11. Sauce is Marry My Husband, I believe it's on webtoon.

  12. mate it was a freaking joke. It was my response to the meme where it says thank god for not makig me an INFP. I took it as a joke, didn’t offend me. my best friend is a TI dominant and I don’t think Thinkers don’t have feeling. I was just playing around with the stereotypes. We’re cool all right

  13. pfff this is boring. It was a joke, you guys are taking it too seriously. Are you sure you’re not an INFP? god so sensitive

  14. Jokes on you, I type based on stereotypes of Cognitive Functions

  15. Should I invest into C6 Hu Tao(currently C3) or Yelan + Weapon. Currently have about $500

  16. wrong. he's not Fi, or Te, and ENTJ's definitely don't operate at all like him.

  17. I don’t get the explanation for ENFJ though. It makes 0 sense to me

  18. Definitely the community, some humans were made to act emotionally selfish and outlets like MHA, Genshin, other anime, and even other communities make formulas to attract these types of people.

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