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  • By - 88T3

  1. I really liked it and I’m not really a big Uzi listener, I just mostly know the his popular songs, so I was really curious to hear what he would sound like on an X song thats slow and melodic.

  2. I was wondering about this the other day, if I INF an item how is the guest able to order the same thing again? I was especially noticing this when people would order stuff like the week of Christmas when the store is empty so most Christmas items our TL said if we don’t see it on the floor then just INF, don’t bother looking.

  3. I think every stores is always a mess, try your best the second you leave for break or lunch it’s a mess when you come back. Don’t even know why women get sold individual panties and thongs.

  4. Ngl, didn’t even know about this brand until around Christmas when a customer asked where we keep it and I saw an endcap full of it. But at $13 no thank you

  5. Can’t you deny? That’s what I would do lol

  6. Probably could but then who knows if they’d get upset about it and ask for a manager. I’ve had a few times where a guest would want something and if I said “sorry no” they’d be like “uhm actually I saw this on tik tok and blah blah blah”

  7. That’s a fan made doc from 2 years ago

  8. Damn, the link probably changed or something Cuz the one I watched was actually the In his own Words Doc

  9. Outdated references, I expected more of Nintendo than to allow this filth on the eshop

  10. Why do you care so much about the garbage other people wanna play? There's probably just anime tiddys, no micro transactions or some fake currency to sell to people. There's way more insidious shit for sale out there imo

  11. I heard they were but they were gonna turn down her sex appeal, but I think that’s still a rumor about Black Cat/Felicia being the next love interest cuz other rumors seem to suggest MJ is coming back which I hope not

  12. Why would I need to and vise versa?

  13. Personally I always enjoyed him as Peter/Spidey. Sure, the TASM movies weren't the best in the line-up, but he nailed his parts I think and Emma as Gwen was excellent too.

  14. Nowadays with TASM 1 my only criticisms are that I don’t like for most of the movie they have his Spider-Man in the dark like he’s Batman, the “great power speech” from Ben is too long and if someone gave ME that speech I would’ve been like “what?” out of pure confusion, and that his version of Peter Parker is too skaterboy cool to be getting bullied

  15. Having gone to school in a California beach town, I'll say the skaterboy cool kids definitely got bullied too.

  16. It’s definitely personal choice but I like the typical nerdy Peter Parker, Andrews Peter just looked too cool for me, breaking rules and skating in the hallways of the school. Most Tobey did was beat Flash and even after that the school called him a freak lol

  17. Okay so I asked my friends to see if they remember, you might need to defeat the All Mother Quest which you unlock at HR 50 from master Hojo in the quest hub since the All Mother quest is the end to the Kamura story

  18. Okay thank you for the help most of the other forms say just Serpent Goddess Narwa which confused me due to not really being the end of the game for the hub quests.

  19. No problem, that’s weird tho that the forms say just defeating Narwa was it. Cuz I don’t remember starting Sunbreak and having to return to Kamura for the All Mother quest

  20. Just stand far back and let gravity to the rest

  21. Can’t have valid criticisms about anything female related without being called a racist incel.

  22. Did you just start at target? U might have to wait to be in the system Make sure ur numbers are correct

  23. I’ve been working here for about a year and I just now am looking at putting my employee discount number on the app cuz I thought it was for in store use only

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