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  1. 🤦‍♂️ Who said it was an alien craft. A post goes up with some unidentified object and the debunkers come out like, but it’s not an alien. This is a UFO subreddit. If you want o debunk aliens head over to

  2. We used to have a practice space a couple blocks from Paddy’s Pub. It was surreal driving by in the 100 degree weather of Los Angeles as it feels so much like Philly when I watch the show.

  3. My argument is that despite being a photographer with 50 years of experience, you are also on a UFO subreddit. Confirmation bias might be stopping you from approaching the subject with an open mind. Consequently, you're using your "experience" and "knowledge" to back up the fact that this picture shows a legitimate UFO, when the most simple explanation, and therefore the most likely one, is that what this picture shows is simply a puddle.

  4. It’s also easier to explain the earth as being flat and in the center of the universe. It’s easier to explain mental disease as the work of the devil rather than a neurological disorder.

  5. The two shades of blue are distracting. I’d recommend going with one at a time. This may also help the accent above the w look better, though I’m not really sure if it looks properly weighted.

  6. This looks extremely similar to Chubby Gorilla’s logo. They even use a somewhat similar yellow. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few other companies with a similar take on this graphic.

  7. My thoughts: It'll force you to get good at the basics - hit ramps consistently, catch and control balls, and always being taking strategic shots. It punishes you for not being in control - you can't just luck your way into great scores.

  8. Some play better than others too. How the ball comes down the right ramp after plunging has a lot to do with whether I’ll be decent or not on this one. Also the flippers need to be snappy enough to get up the right ramp and backhand some important shots.

  9. Reminds me of Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets

  10. Looks great! A soft shadow and some effects would do wonders. Maybe a mild sheen to the paper and a hair of thickness. I’m now even thinking a mild border that is the outline similar to what you may see in a comic book.

  11. Ok keep it G rated then, look up the Mayors name, and say something like 'Mr John Smith, please fix this pothole.'

  12. No mandated breaks are a federal law meaning it overrides state laws

  13. You may want to show off a walk animation that looks finished. Your art station work is pretty good, maybe lead with that instead.

  14. Unless you're careful, though, that won't necessarily be the smallest number of moves.

  15. True but it could be the number of minimum recommended moves and anything less is god category. Heck you could even record player’s moves and if someone gets less than what you anticipated you could upload that info to a server and use it for future updates.

  16. I probably use Kramer’s “TCB, you know takin care of business” line from this episode in my daily speech more than any other line from the show.

  17. Haha yeah exactly, reddit is a bit of an edge case where the point you bring up is reasonable, but in general that should be covered.

  18. I’ve seen some AAA companies throw a small watermark in the corner with the game’s logo. Maybe this makes more sense for a game people already recognize such as Tomb Raider, but it’s a thought.

  19. I love it. Have you tried without the colors? I really like the black and white button at the top. I think it would look really sleek and make the text more legible (especially for anyone color blind)

  20. Instantly recognized the place. Also the only time I've played an Orbitor 1. It's not in that area pictured anymore, but Primus and Can Crusher still are. haha It's pretty accurate.

  21. I just played Orbitor 1 last time I was there about 3 weeks ago so maybe they just swapped it out for a little bit. It was next to the two Fast Break machines.

  22. Generally the burden of proof is usually on the person who makes the claim. If you could prove Nintendo is uploading your data without explicit permission in the TOS you would have a decent lawsuit on your hands.

  23. The first person to make a claim was the opposing viewpoint.

  24. I believe that was a response to the post which claims “it feels like giving away your personal space info”

  25. There is no UFO there. Those are lights from the ground on the clouds.

  26. Hey Deion, I notice your account is 5 days old with a whole lot of activity for being so new. What interests you in the topic?

  27. I imagine this is also how Jordan Peterson would react.

  28. 🤦‍♂️ I don’t think they even read the article

  29. If you use an iPhone you can download iMazing for your computer which has a free feature which checks for Pegasus (spyware) as well as other popular spyware used by intelligence agencies around the world.

  30. Ooooh I think I've heard that somewhere before

  31. It’s just the Chinese company that owns 100% of developers such as Funcom, Riot Games, Sumo, Turtle Rock, Digital Extremes and Splash Damage. They own 100% of PUBG and own a significant portion of Epic Games’ shares

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