1. Hi, was gifted some pepper plants a couple of months ago. Now that they’re finally coming through, I was wondering what type of pepper they are as I couldn’t find out on a plant ID app. Also, as a novice gardener, how do I know when they are ready for harvest? Thanks!

  2. Thin out the broccoli. Let the biggest plants stay, and prune the smaller plants, so that the bigger plant has enough room to grow (I thought they need 20 inches for each plant.

  3. I’m a very novice gardener, and with the help of my brother, we’ve started growing vegetables. We had no idea what we were doing and just threw whole packets of seeds (I’ve since researched and know much better now!!).

  4. Not a lot we can do in the UK to support women, trans-men and NB individuals in the US after this awful news but anyone in the UK who would like to ensure our MPs are held to account when supporting the overturning of Roe vs Wade, please read this post and do what you can. I have emailed my local MP using a suggested template and have signed the petition regarding Scott Benton.

  5. A relatively small scene I’ve always loved is when Sansa gets to The Wall and her and Jon reunite. They weren’t close at all from what we had seen up until that point but the relief for Sansa finally being as safe as she had been since King’s Landing makes it one of my most anticipated scenes on rewatches.

  6. I’m with you on this: if it’s school related, it needs to be sent via email to the appropriate people and if it’s anything else, I don’t want to deal with it in my personal time. If I’m friendly with people at school, they have my number and can text me but as an introvert who really likes to separate professional me and personal me, group chats are a nightmare.

  7. I’m worried about this; I’m travelling 80 miles daily to a school in the middle of nowhere so public transport isn’t going to happen. Have enough for Monday but wouldn’t make it Tuesday. Don’t want to be part of the problem by going to fill up, but concerned about next week. Small school so no other staff live remotely near me either to lift share

  8. The kids. I pretty much hate every aspect of the job that isn’t in the class with the kids. They make every day worth it.

  9. Thank you, it’s frustrating how little the government care - large part of why I’m considering the role eventually; I’m tired of watching kids suffer at the ineptitude of the government. Can’t make the changes needed at a larger level but maybe I could help children who ordinarily would be overlooked.

  10. Her and Jess have one of the best female friendships I’ve seen on TV, really love them together. My favourite CeCe moment is when she votes against Regan moving in the loft to protect Jess, love CeCe in this moment!

  11. I completely agree but I do love how contraversial First Avenger is.

  12. I think it would have been high on my Phase 1 list at the beginning of watching the films. I’m almost positive that it wasn’t my number 1 then though.

  13. Doctor Strange - I like the character enough (though I like him way more in the other movies, Doctor Strange vs Thanos is great) and I like the Dormarmu scene, but the rest of it just doesn’t hold my (limited) attention span. Visuals are great and I love Wong, but the villain was kinda boring and I really didn’t like the Ancient One. Rachel McAdam’s character falls really flat to me too, though there really isn’t many MCU love interests I wouldn’t say this about.

  14. Favourite: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Gaurdians of the Galaxy - Avengers: Age of Ultron

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